The Guardians Of Profitable Ill-Health

If David Noakes is given a custodial sentence, it will both be a travesty and create a catalyst to raise awareness of this whole issue. Search GcMAF Jeffery Bradstreet. Matthew Handycock MP, Health Minister, where are you?

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David Noakes last 3-4 years: passport taken. Bank account frozen. Report to police 10am every morning. Travel restrictions.
David was featured on Health Freedom News front cover Spring 2017:
Download link:
This man has given us the cure for cancer
So why does the Government want to put him in prison?

Is prison better than death? As reported in a previous client of David’s has since died. Washington Post is subscriber only…. but, you can access this lovely headline!?
GcMAF and the life and death of an autism quack

Noakes gave up a lucrative job at
Over the course of 5 years achieved a revenue of approx. £10million. Doesn’t sound good? There were great expenses. His motivation was altruistic.
Ian compares David to today’s news….
How many lives have been destroyed by betting?

Note: I am not convinced this is a sensible comparison. No one is forced to bet, but I take Ian’s point.

But yes, as ıan says the MHRA should have helped David bring this product to market, not destroy him.
Search for Jeffery Bradstreet. Suicide or murder? FDA?

It is essential there is a packed public gallery. If able, please attend.

The rise in ill health. 5G?
Humanity needs to step up to challenge the corporatocracy.
Every single family in this country appear to have a link to some one with cancer. Humanity must resist the insanity of corporatocracy.

Day 5 : HUMANITY vs Suppressed Cancer Cures



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BBC Belittle GcMAF & David Noakes

BBC Belittle GcMAF & David Noakes


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