The Anti-Free Speech Lobby

Share share share! This is the advise from UK Column & co…. last night, Friday 02 Nov, on BBC R4 Any Questions politicians were discussing hate crime. It is mind boggling; 1984 thought crime is happening now. I thought we beat Hitler to be free to tolerate the unpalatable ideas of others. Nope! For example, university was once a place to exchange ideas, disagree and debate. Today it a place to agree with consensus of opinion. Now is the time to share TAP posts and all platforms still open to an exchange of ideas; not limited to set parameters and instilled dogma. Share!

2 guys talk about their recent tip to Palestine. Just to get into Palestine is a challenge; getting out is even more of a challenge….
Know More News LIVE w/ Jake Morphonios

Here they come again. The technique is projection; racists calling others racist?

Police probe into anti-Semitism claims against Labour members

I wonder if the BBC will consider the Hodge Twins who comment on Don the Lemon and urge the black vote to vote Trump…

GAB is still down:



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