Nuanced Opinion. WWII. Yemen.

Some useful description on the holy cause and Yeahmen. I spell some things this way now a days to avoid for algorithmic fun. The 3 hour YouTube interview is at the bottom….

49 mins in… till 54 mins
Ryan Dawson: Zionists an Jews are not the same thing. I don’t believe in this biological teleology. It’s an ideological teleology with a feckled up religion and culture, but not a genetic disposition. There are plenty of Jews that are non Zionist. Zionist is a more accurate term (in this case).
There’s a bunch of feckled up evangelical Christians responsible for murdering 25% of the planet, but that’s not just a natural out burst of Christianity… you cannot generalise on groups like that.
I don’t like using words like holohoax. People did die; they starved, typhus, labour camps.
I don’t like the word denier either. I don’t think anyone denies; that zero people died…
My issue is with the article: the! Is there some special round up of death more than American Indians or Russians or Chinese… 2 million people were killed in Vietnam by the USA using fire; nuclear bombs were dropped on Japan, is that not a holocaust? Why a special status for the self proclaimed chosen race of God? Every little school kid knows the 6,000,000 number which is not historical by the way. Scholars never said 6,000,000. The largest I’ve seen was from Raul Hilberg…
One of the earliest researchers, Raul Hilberg, came up with a figure of 5.1 million in his 1961 classic “The Destruction of the European Jews.”

…. which had 5.5 million and he got exposed in the Ernst Zundel trial; what was that based on? Nothing. He pulled tit out of his arse essentially. Every school kid knows this number, but they don’t know how many Americans died, French, British, they don’t know about their own country, but they know how many died in the mythical version of the vent and they still don’t know how many died according to history.

Heel Turn: 9,000,000 were non Jewish… the sound is muffled during to and fro disagreement on accurate number…. they don’t know how many free masons were killed, shoahed, but they don’t make a big deal out of it.

RD: The first labour camp was for non Nazi Germans and that was Dachau and it does not have any gas chambers, but was Germans getting worked to the point of starvation for not having the right political belief. The Nazi party went after anyone who wasn’t a Nazi. The first labour camps weren’t for Jews; they still had the Haavara Agreement at that point…

… to send non Zionist Jews to Palestine. Some of those Jews tried to leave e.g. SS Patria, 1800 were sunk including 55 British sailors; Jews killing other Jews…

… the Zionists are the last colonial empire left still ethnically cleansing and murdering people so they can annex land and territory against the Geneva Convention.
There would have been no WWII if we hadn’t punished Germany so hard at the end of WWI, war the allied powers started; separated Danzig, taken away part of the Rhineland… which is why we decided after WWI, no more annexing land. Israel is the only place still doing it, causing wars in the Middle East and ‘we’ (US) keep giving them $billions anyway…. oy vey!

Oy vey (Yiddish‎) or oy vey ist mir is a Yiddish phrase expressing dismay or exasperation. Also spelled oy vay, oy veh, or oi vey, and often abbreviated to oy, the expression may be translated as, “oh, woe!” or “woe is me!” Its Hebrew equivalent is oy vavoy.

2 hour 29 mins in…

Yemen is the poorest country in the middle east. SE of Saudi Arabia.
Saudi oil routes go NE and SW, the Red Sea and most through Strait of Hormuz via established port cities and infrastructure from pre-oil pearl trade hey day.
Oil discovered 1930’s and oil lines went north via ports capable of handling shipment to China, India and Eastern markets.
North to Europe means via Suez Canal which involves politics between Saudi and Egypt or the line through Israel which is where that hand in glove relationship begins to form. Before 1979 revolution Iran worked with Israel t build pipeline.
Maritime Silk Road.
Saudi currently fighting Yemen because Saudi want the coastal real estate for direct route to China and India avoiding Strait of Hormuz.
Neo Cons and Zionists want war with Iran in which case Iran would shut down the Strait of Hormuz and Saui oil an gas would face a lock down. That would threaten global melt down.
Saudi cannot have war with Iran until they win in Yemen.
Saudi building a pipeline through to Al Mahrah Governorate, Yemen. Access to sea trade still matters.
Saudi is Sunni monarchy and Yemen Shia.
Tribalism doesn’t work. It’s ends up balkanising the country.
Ryan suggests civic nationalism works better than ethnic or religious nationalism.




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