MHRA Protection Racket

There’s a new Carry On film: Ta Ta and ex PC Ant Archibald, the protection squad for the MHRA and the $100 billion oncology industry, warn us of the dangers of GcMAf and how naughty criminal David Noakes has been brought to justice and locked-up. Relieved? Phew, that’s alright then.


Bloke In A Field
Proven effective, but don’t say ‘cure’.
Acknowledged in court some 9,000 people have taken GcMAF without significant side effects.
MHRA in the pharmaceutical pocket…

Tariq Tawar & Anthony Archibald!

If the vials of GcMAF were useless product, why are they worth £5 million?

Archibald is ex Surrey Police….

Average salary of charity CEO in the UK is £160K
Oncology revenue top 5 pharmaceutical companies 2016
Hoffman-La Roche
$27 billion
$10 billion
Ian failed to say… deduction $6.9 billion
$6.8 billion
$5.3 billion

Top 5 cancer related healthcare companies
Total revenue: $56 billion

An industry worth ballpark figure $100 billion / year

GcMAF, David Noakes & Big Pharma Protectionism



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