Let’s See If YouTube Censors This Video

“Let’s see if YouTube censors this video.”
These are the closing words in the following video interview from E. Michael Jones; a courageous voice in today’s politically correct screwed up snowflake ridden world.
I watched some TV last night. It was dreadful. On Channel 4 they had a Pravda style so called debate on Brexit reminding us all how racist and xenophobic the UK’s tendency toward regulated immigration has become…. zzzzzzz. Farage was on the programme, but as UK Column will inform you: Farage Knows… about the €U-UK military unification plans.

On the BBC they had a Russia-Trump collusion programme. As far as I understand the whole Russia collusion is fabrication, yet the BBC broadcast an entire programme on whether Trump will be impeached over it or not.

This video was left in the comments chat box during the live UK Column 05 November show.

The Real Cause of the Synagogue Shootings


Mean while, Bill Mitchell, whom I might describe, indeed, he probably describes himself as a Christian-Zionist, predicts a mid term election Trump win.




UKC: Farage Knows


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