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Natasha Engel: Dear UK newspapers . Do not report upon the unconventional gas industry and certainly not on any earthquake activity. The British public are Luddites of our banana republic.
‘I speak as a corporate whore.’

Kevin Hollingrake published and unpublished a letter from Natasha Engele, Shale Gas Commissioner…




Seismic reports
09 Nov Treuddyn, Flintshire, Wales 1.5
Leominster North Herefordshire 2.3
… probably far enough away not to be associated with Cuadrilla

Channel 4 broadcast an excellent report on Groningen as reported during Fracking Nightmare 120:

Cue Tom Wheeler, Director of Regulation for the Oil and Gas Authority….
… he’s come to the office straight from his paper round.
Wheeler became head of commercial for UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change’s upstream oil and gas team in 2014 before joining the OGA in 2015. He previously trained as a solicitor and spent 7 years working in private practice before taking a role as in-house counsel in the oil and gas industry.

Dr. Ben Edwards is trotted out to give ‘expertise’ on seimic activity…
… used a football and bag of flour to demonstrate 09 seismic event.


UK Mother-Frackers In MASSIVE ‘Car Crash’!



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