Human Sovereign Race Or Corporate Slave Race?

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Southwark Crown Court, London
A security guard was pleasant this morning “Living the dream…”
Ian wonders if he was normalising life in the 21st century…. I wish bloody spell check would stop suggesting I change my ‘s’s into ‘z’s.

Day 2 of charge against David Noakes and ex wife for having the audacity to manufacture and distribute GcMAF.
Questioning QC Gillian Jones… this one?

“She takes no prisoners…”

MRHA are calling for a maximum custodial sentence….. side note thought: really, have these arse holes nothing better to do?

Dr. Muhammad Arshad Ramzan who works as an ‘independent’ consultant to effectively help pharmaceutical companies bring medicines to market.
Discussion between what is a food supplement and medicinal product
Crown Prosecution Service CPS making as much as they can that GcMAF is a human bloody product perhaps for shock value… no mention made of monkey fecal matter or Thimerosal or aborted foetus that is used in vaccines…
Thimerosal is an ethyl mercury-based preservative used in vials that contain more than one dose of a vaccine….
Thimerosal is a mercury-containing organic compound (an organomercurial). Since the 1930s, it has been widely used as a preservative in a number of biological and drug products, including many vaccines….

… that’s OK. That’s Big Pharma. Use a natural human product as a core ingredient, get vilified.

Ian proposes the rel reason the pharmaceutical industry wish to keep GcMAF off the market is because it has been proven to be an effective cancer treatment… most people will probably find this hard to believe.

Dr. Ramzam dismissive of the claim that GcMAF effective with pancreatic cancer.

Interestingly enough:
The disease that means even TWO WEEKS’ wait for surgery wrecks a patient’s chances: These two women have pancreatic cancer — but there’s a reason their prognoses are very different…

David hopes to present his case that treatments have helped.

If you expect the establishment to be effective, up front, honest, you’re at the wrong place.

Ian engaged a brief discussion with the security guards yesterday after the camera was turned off…. by definition the corporation is a dead entity controlling the thought process of those on its payroll.
In The City of London corporation is King.
Health and well being is secondary to commerce and profit.

Full public gallery. Indeed, if interest mounted the judge would see if a larger court was available…

We need to see this regulatory control of innovation shut down.

On the fracking front Cuadrilla still not firing up the pumps. Further seismic events recorded.
The reality is the unconventional gas industry is a non starter. It will take a while for the MP’s and industry to accept it, but those throwing money in must realise this is a dead duck

Next few years are seminal as to whether humanity has a future as a sovereign race or becomes a slave race to the corporatocracy.


Pt 2 HUMANITY vs Suppression of Effective Cancer Treatments



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