Grind My Fracking Organ

Sickness Pays?!
Ego Franny wants increased limits. He’s moaning and whinging.
Lancashire MP’s have written to Greg Clark by-passing Claire Intellectual Pygmy Perry.
Direct to the organ grinder…. don’t say monkey! Politically correct times ah!

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Ian suggests Schlumberger have contacted Centrica to ensure Centrica will underwrite increasing costs…
Still no full frack…. just pressurising to the point where geology starts to give way.

MP’s called for a moratorium… not good enough.
Deep well nuclear toxic dump never been denied by government or non conventional gas industry
In US borrowing keeps the frackers rolling
Not only does tax revenue look unlikely, it is costing the taxpayer….

Mean while in North Nottinghamshire Igas still threaten
Ineos and Jim Ratcliffe and Tom Pickering must be fuming at  Franny Ego’s incompetence.
The mayor of Malton Paul Andrews has sought a judicial review over government fracking policy.
The records infer Paul lost the application, but what was achieved during the hearing was significant.

David Noakes week commencing 19 Nov Southwark Crown Court 10am sentencing hearing about not aloud to say cure for cancer 1939 Cancer Act
The authority have waited 4-5 years until everyone being treated with GcMAF had died
MHRA will claim in court…
…. death due to GcMAF, not the cut off in supply of GcMAF
UK govt has no intention of curing cancer, a massive revenue stream for the pharmaceutical industry
No Money Health. Hell Of A Lot Of Money In Sickness.

Democracy to be replaced by Libertarian Regime for the sociopath global corporatist
Crown Plaza Kensington 2 Dec.




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