GcMAF? What’s That Then?

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Globulin component Macrophage Activating Factor is otherwise known as GcMAF.

Cross examination by
…. Ian’s sense is she could be even more brutal…. i.e. some semblance of sympathy toward the defendant??!??

The issue is whether David knowingly produced and distributed an unlicensed medicine… for which of course he should be locked up?!?!?
Not a court of morality, but a court of law.
The pharmaceutical industry has in effect build a control mechanism around their monopoly.
Witness gave evidence on her experience of McMAF. Diagnosed with ME from 2004. She was later also diagnosed with Lyme’s Disease. 1 does a week of GcMAF over a 5 month period led to significant improvement.
“Led to a step change for the better…”
Allopathic medical advise was that it would not do her any harm

The CPS tried to portray David as wanting to live high on the hog.
Compare to the compensation package of Emma Walmsley?
… 6.8million in 1 year was about the entire turn over since 2011 for Immuno Biotek despite GSK being guilty of much more malpractice.

MHRA protects revenue streams, not health and well being of wider public.

Ian’s not enjoying this commuting lark, but hey, he can put up with it…


4pm Update : HUMANITY vs Suppression of Cancer Cures



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