GcMAF vs. MRHA & More London Security Jobsworths

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Banks of the Thames alongside HMS Belfast…

Getting was a nightmare due to train hold ups. British rail yeah!
Traveling cattle class. No seat for 45 min journey in.
Unusual phenomena: 2 guys engaged in conversation, not long, 10 mins then joined the rest of the train: heads in the phone.
Others not with head in the phone had earphones i.e. phone in the head.
Here today to support David Noakes against the MRHA…
Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Authority
“…. and I have security here with me right now. I’m just doing a live stream broadcast, the only shot is me and my background, OK? I need a filming permit apparently… it is London Bridge Security being extremely difficult by telling me I need a filming permit. Can you show me the legislation or by-laws that says I need a…. OK, well that’s a civil matter and if they would like to bring a civil action against me that’s absolutely fine… anyway….”
Ian talks on into the camera. The Job’s Worths apparently relinquish.
Here to support David Noakes, hearing schedules to last for 3 days, sentencing on the 4th day.

Ian invites a Job’s Worth to go one camera and inform the audience who must be contacted to attain permission to film. The Job’s Worth declines; he does not have authorisation.
“This is the biggest problem we have with corpocracy, people who cannot think for themselves. They literally follow instructions because its more than their job’s worth to exercise any personal discretion. I guess that has to be it for today since Mr. Carlon Forrester of More London Security decides that I’m not able to film….”

More London, also named London Bridge City, is a privately owned development on the south bank of the River Thames, immediately south-west of Tower Bridge in London. The southern exit is on Tooley Street.

David Noakes joins the shot.
“This is the first time we will have to tell the truth… the MHRA is acting against the interest of the British public and for the interest of the pharmaceutical companies…”

“Anyway, looks like we have to shut down here because security are getting a little tetchy


HUMANITY vs Suppression of Cancer Cures



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Dr. Inane Hudson. Matt Handycock MP. GcMAF? Shame!


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