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Lancashire Moors
GcMAF was not on trial.
Judge: “I believe this medicine is and will be beneficial to people who need this treatment.”

The charge was manufacturing and distributing an unlicensed medicine, brought a the behest of:
Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency:
…. the henchmen for the pharmaceutical industry.
The judge did not believe David Noakes a fraudster.
GcMAF was sold to vulnerable people? That’s how the health industry works!
David obsessive about sailing, politics and later GcMAF…. so? Is obsession an offense?
A bio-chemist met David. That bio-chemist will be speaking at AV9.1 to share their insight.

Cancer ‘cure’ boss David Noakes jailed for 15 months
A statement from Guernsey’s health committee said due to “the decision to ban the importation of this unlicensed and untested product, both staff and politicians were subjected to abuse and accusations the likes of which we have never seen before and sincerely hope to never see again.”

No one died nor suffered extreme side effects from GcMAF.
The pharmaceutical industry in the US alone has been fined in excess of $20 billion for problems with their products taken to market.
The pharmaceutical buys pressure within the US govt to put into effect a kind of diplomatic immunity.
Any remaining vials of GcMAF to be destroyed.
Judge made comment on dissatisfaction over BBC reporting.

19 UK cancer charities
CEO of Cancer Research UK was

Sir Harpal Singh Kumar who went onto work for Johnson & Johnson
Now Michelle Mitchell:
She said in a statement today: “It’s a privilege to be appointed as chief executive of the world’s leading charity dedicated to beating cancer through research.
“Like many people, I have family that has been affected by cancer and I’m passionate about CRUK’s goal to speed up impact on survival.

Has David Noakes and GcMAF had greater impact than all the cancer charities combined?

The roll out of 5G will not help the cancer issue.

DAVID NOAKES in JAIL but the GcMAF Genie is Out the Bottle



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