GcMAF Dynamite Evidence To Come

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David and former wife Lorraine have previously pleaded guilty to manufacturing and supplying an unlicensed medicine.

Expert witness said, “It is impossible to address multiple conditions such as cancer, leukemia, Lyme’s Disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, AIDS etc…”
Judge stopped him: “You are straining your levels of expertise…”
David Noakes took the stand and made the point that pharmaceutical industry, their government representatives, the MHRA…
…. want to maintain the status quo as protected by the cancer act of 1939 which serves the radium industry.
David has led the court through the scientific material suppressed by the corporatocracy…
Observation: the Crown Prosecution Service serve neither the people nor the crown, but corporate interests.

About 2% of people survive cancer following chemotherapy and radiation.
By contrast, GcMAF helps replenish the body’s immune system.

Judge, “If this ‘miracle’ cure is out there why aren’t the BBC etc waxing lyrical about it?”
David, “Media outlets are effectively controlled by the status quo…”
The evidence David is giving is dynamite…. it is exposing Pharma and MHRA as murderrs and those supporting Pharma and the MHRA are accessories…



David’s pricing structure is per the market plus he supplied much for free e.g. 141 people in Guernsey for free until MHRA shut him down.

Dr. Bradstreet was a customer and treating children with autism.
David’s company Immuno Biotech…
… were providing 20% of product for free to Dr. Bradstreet.
Dr. Bradstreet was murdered in 2015…

Example of comment against Noakes, Bradstreet:

David’s barrister has risen to the occasion after a bit of a slow start.

The BBC have had a reporter in court. One other journalist from the court journalistic service.

4pm Update : HUMANITY vs MHRA


Here We Go…

Bloke Not In A Field
Since 1994 GcMAF has proven to be effective cure for cancer.
To this day the 1939 Cancer Act prevents any cure other than chemotherapy and radiation coming to market. 2.3% survive Chemo and radiation.
Interest being minimalised.
No BBC reporting seen yet, despite BBC being present.
Annual revenue to pharmaceutical companies for chemo and radio therapy is estimated at $1.3trillion
NICE like Smart is neither nice nor smart.
Estimated 160,000 people die per year from cancer (UK?)

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Pt3 : HUMANITY vs Suppression Of EFFECTIVE Cancer Treatment


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