Desperate Frackers

Bloke In A Field….

Epsom Downs
Cuadrilla are getting desperate…. might Fanny’s Ego be getting calls of concern from…
Jim Ratcliffe:
Stephen Sanderson:
Stephen Bowler:

What are you doing Fanny? Triggering above 0.5?
Money down a black hole.

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The British Geological Socşety does not seem to have posted for a week…. since Sunday 04 November…

Claire Intellectual Pygmy Perry apparently back tracking, so step forward Natasha Engel, ex Labour MP, Palace Gate Communications, on the pay roll of Ineos for a while, then in bed with Lord Polak…
… TWC Communications with client Elbit Systems of Israel which produces white phosphorus and cluster bombs despite them being out lawed by the UN.

Natasha Engel the un-independent Shale Gas Commissioner due to visit Preston New Road and Roseacre Wood…
What is the polite term for selling your soul?

Third Energy in a world of hurt.
Rathlin Energy almost as bad a situation:


Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, France have already put a halt to fracking.


UK Mother-Frackers … Getting Desperate?



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Grind My Fracking Organ


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