David GcMAF vs. Health Industry Goliath

If David Noakes is sent to prison, the judge may be invoking the law of unintended consequences….

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A heinous crime to want to cure cancer.
The judge and CPS have acknowledged the efficacy of GCMAF by not going there.
If there were a miracle cure, we would all know, wouldn’t we?
Indeed, Justice Nicholas Loraine-Smith, why isn’t this product freely available?
Why no cross examination of Dr. Muhammad Arshad Ramzan, an ‘independent’ consultant to effectively help pharmaceutical companies bring medicines to market, as to why he was not supporting David Noakes and the availability of GcMAF?
The MHRA apparently act with impunity.

David Noakes berated for generating $10million over 4 years.
By comparison, Cancer Research UK in 2017 generated $679 million
It would cost, estimate, $20 million to establish a production facility for GcMAF which met GMP, good manufacturing process.
Do NGO’s have an interest in maintaining the problem?
Current CEO Cancer research UK is Michelle Mitchell…
£244K / year.
Wellcome Trust income of £390 million, CEO earns just over £3 million
Nuffield Health £768 million, CEO £1.52 million….
The Red Cross £275 million, CEO £173K
McMillan Cancer Support £230 million, CEO £160K

Puppet regulatory bodies such as MHRA and FDA dance to the pharmaceutical tune.
What about the effects of ‘legislated’ medication?
e.g Glaxo Smith Kline fined  $3 billion
GlaxoSmithKline fined $3bn after bribing doctors to increase drugs sales

David vs the corporate HMRA government pharmaceutical Goliath

Day 6 : David Noakes & GcMAF vs The CORPORATOCRACY



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