Claire Perry sacrificial lamb for gas industry

It’s still 0.5 in the seismic event level, traffic light system, she says.  Cuadrilla claim they are piping gas at Preston New Rd.


Francis Egan admits the well is not pressurised yet.  They are treading very carefully trying to fracture the geology, while trying not to trigger a seismic event.

They are not yet fracking.  There is no artificial flow as yet.

The risk that everything they are pumping down the well could be stuck there.

Are they using gas lift?  A technique to bring back the fluids by pumping gas into the well.

That would flow gas.

The lies are growing bigger every day.

Schlumberger are keeping very quiet indeed, refusing to identify anyone and getting ready to run if the well lets loose a seismic event or a toxic gas release.


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