Blue Wave? Blue Puddle!

I am enjoying President Trump, largely because he counter-acts the absurd, politically correct LGBT Black Lives Matter Pink Pussy Hat cultural Marxist codswallop which creates far more divide over creed, colour and gender than ever did Trump.
The Zionist Trump remains a concern. I don’t care what Margaret Hedgehog or Lord Sucks Sacks say about anti-Semolinaism; the state apparently designated by God the estate agent runs an open air prison camp and is the one ethnically cleansing people from the land they have lived upon for generations.
My hope is Trump has a long term deal in mind for Israel-Palestine and its all part of a strategy. A PM Corbyn could aid that end….

I was initially disappointed by the mid term US election results. Far from a Blue Wave I was expecting Trump to win both houses and wipe the floor with the pathetic Democratic virtue signally pussy-hats. On reflection, perhaps he did.

Bill Clinton lost 54 seats in the Congress in 1994.
Nobel peace Prize winner Barak Obomba who went onto destroy Libya where there is today a slave trade and initiated war upon Syria, lost 63 seats in his first mid term election.
Trump lost only 23.

Trump held 30 rallies in 60 days. Obomba was losing his voice after a couple of outings.
Trump’s results represents the best Senate result for a sitting mid term election since JFK in 1962.

Here is a brief summation, followed by commentary from Christian pro-Israeli Bill Mitchell who is a happy chappy and offers interesting analysis, plus Trump’s barn-storming press conference.

Midterm Recap and Analysis: Trump Makes History!!!

Did you see the press conference? The Cartoon News Network’s Jim Acosta sort of accosted a White House assistant and subsequently had his press pass removed. Brilliant.

What win the Democrats did secure, I agree with Bill, was insanity over rationality. These mid term elections resulted in the ‘best’ loss of sitting President in decades. There are millennials being taken in by old fart fashioned socialism. Now they have won the Congress, Democrats have to be seen to get things done; they must be seen to get results which might just actually help Trump. Watch this space.

White House suspends credentials for CNN’s Jim Acosta

YourVoice™ America (11/7) “Election Postmortem!”


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