BBC GcMAF Hacks: Dr. Saleyha Ahsan & Rob Burns

So, Liar Arson? How appropriate she has liar and arse in her name. BBC One Show clips below, a witch hunt on David Noakes as chronicled by Tony Veron below…. as for Rob Burns, standard BBC hack.


Bloke In A Field
Prisoner No: A7081D, David Noakes, Wandsworth Prison.
David Noakes – A7081DY PO Box 757 Heathfield Road Wandsworth London SW18 3HU
Justice Nicholas Loraine-Smith: “I believe this medicine is and will be beneficial to people who need this treatment.”
Over whelming evidence is GcMAF is beneficial. Mainstream media coverage shocking.
Dr Saleyha Ahsan



This was found on BookFace:
First Immune Gcmaf

Despicable unrealistic Journalism by the BBC One Show.

Well Guernsey has certainly not benefited from allowing the BBC One Show to portray our Island as a haven for “Low Tax” beneficiaries and now a base for an Internet sales and distribution company to promote illegal, unlicensed, expensive, unproven and potentially contaminated “Drugs” to unsuspecting desperate people.

If our Guernsey Financial Institution’s were attacked in this manner, then our independent GFSC would step in to protect the reputation of our Island based businesses by providing Honesty statements and legislation regarding their Duty and Role in ensuring that no laws are being broken and that the reputation of the economy of our Island is of paramount importance.

Guernsey States run Health regulators HSSD however have wittingly allowed what the BBC has now wrongly portrayed as illegal Drug selling from Guernsey with potentially devastating effect. Why then are HSSD and BBC simply allowed to do this and not be subjected to investigation for both ignoring and incorrectly reporting on this alleged illegal practice without them having to fully disclose and justify their actions.

What will happen if the MHRA prove that GcMaf products they confiscated from Immuno Biotech Ltd are indeed contaminated and as such may have caused serious health issues with the local people who have taken GcMaf. Then HSSD will have justified their advice and that of the MHRA that these people should all rush to their Doctors!!

However, our committee believe and have portrayed publicly that there have been great benefits of self treatment with GcMaf demonstrated by desperately ill locals, some of whom were willing to go live on the BBC One Show to present this.
2 hours filmed for just 2 minutes of unjustified air time, also completely overshadowed by a personal view from Dr Saleyha Ashan, which was both without sincerity and biased to her own personal belief’s. Not a balanced presentation or view and seriously outside of the BBC’s strict guidelines on journalism and reporting. However Dr Saleyha is a freelance sensationalism seeking journalist “Trust me I’m a Doctor”

Therefore, the BBC have through a very biased, self opinionated and smug Dr Saleyha Ahsan been allowed to wrongly present that our public and others have been conned into purchasing “Drugs” from a business which was being run from Guernsey.

What was NOT reported live on BBC is that GcMaf is not a Drug but simply a protein derived “Medicinal Product” as classified by our HSSD and was in fact endorsed by HSSD in Guernsey for personal use. Dr Saleyha Ahsan and the producer Malcolm Prior certainly knew about this HSSD classification and endorsement but how does that sit with them reporting “Sensational Contaminated Drug Selling” from a idyllic Tax Haven…It simply doesn’t fit so let’s leave it on the cutting floor…High quality professional people we are dealing with here then.

David Noakes may be open to criticism for claims he makes but he was openly supported by those who took part or witnessed the interviews, which took place AFTER Dr Saleyha Ahsan had interviewed and baited David Noakes prior to meeting with them and not before as reported in today’s Guernsey Press. Those present certainly voiced their 100% support for the opportunities and advice Mr Noakes and his company had given them all.

The interview with local people who had taken GcMaf was conducted as a complete witch hunt by Dr Ahsan who had to be challenged on her motives and standard of questions throughout the whole interview and again questioned for imparting her own beliefs on the use of GcMaf. These beliefs included her stating that even if she was given no life saving approved medical option for her own life or those of her family, then would she endorse treatment using unlicensed products as in the recent Ebola situation where people’s lives had been saved…”Definitely Not” or simply “No” was her answer. This part of the heart-rendering interview also ended up on the cutting floor…

Our committees stance has always been to support the “Freedom of Choice” for the use of treatment by terminally ill patients, which HSSD have now denied. We are now demanding answers on all claims made about GcMaf and Immuno Biotech Ltd. It is over 90 days since claims and accusations were made but still no facts or evidence has been presented.

Let’s sincerely hope that our HSSD claims and accusations about Immuno Biotech products which are now supposedly unfit for human consumption and produced in laboratories that were not fit for purpose prove to be “Unjustified”

If not, just what Duty and Responsibility have HSSD demonstrated in wittingly allowing Immuno Biotech Ltd to set up and supply GcMaf from Guernsey and most importantly just what claims would people have against them if their health has been knowingly put at jeopardy by those elected to uphold the law and protect them.

We therefore demand that the people of Guernsey receive a full hearing on whether or not their family members and others have been allowed to take a potentially life threatening contaminated “Medicinal Product” due to HSSD allowing them to become dependant on GcMaf.

If the hearing proves that there have been positive benefits of allowing the distribution, promotion and use of unlicensed medicines through Guernsey, which in itself is not an illegal practice, then HSSD should congratulate themselves and step up to defend their actions by overruling the MHRA and reinstating the GcMaf supply to Guernsey as soon as possible.

If however the hearing proves contamination, unfit laboratory conditions and the associated potential risks both MHRA and HSSD have claimed to people’s health to be true, then what claims may be expected against HSSD for allowing this practice to go unchecked with their knowledge and written endorsement for so long.

It therefore appears that our HSSD have acted in an unjustified manner no matter what the outcome. However, surely this would be so much more acceptable if they can demonstrate that there is no proven damage to people’s health.

A hearing is therefore of tantamount importance to protect our Island from further damage and to bring closure to the GcMaf debate.

I would like our Guernsey Press to publish this letter so our electorate can have their say either by publishing their letters as a collective view in our local paper or by posting your views on the Guernsey Press Web Page “Your Shout” and then publish those comments in the newspaper for all to read.

The BBC have severely damaged themselves and potentially Guernsey with a thoroughly despicable and potentially corrupt and biased film, via the One Show, which should be challenged and defended by all Guernsey parties in a United manner….Surely this is how the whole issue of GcMaf, Immuno Biotech Ltd, and David Noakes should have handled by our Guernsey HSSD in the first place. Is it to late now?

Tony Veron
GcMaf Steering Committee


BBC hack, Rob Burns was covering the David Noakes trial…

UK law dictated by €U. European Union is nothing more than a consultative body to create some allusion of democratic participation

Ian is back on the fracking track….
Cuadrilla contemplating a nitrogen frack?!


Prisoner A7081DY NOAKES … Jailed For Saving HUMAN LIVES



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