BBC Belittle GcMAF & David Noakes

Who is the BBC reporter at this case? Why does the £3.74 billion taxpayer funded BBC not accredit its articles? The contrast here is astounding. Ian, at his own expense, commits to putting a face to his reporting twice a day. The BBC reporter sat in front of him in court will not even put a name to his ridiculous articles. I have included other corporate media coverage below. They portray David Noakes as a quack selling his snake oil to an unwitting public; in effect the same accusation levelled at US universities which once hosted homeopathic health options, but which were apparently over taken by a Rockefeller funded pharmaceutical structure. Both of Ian’s reports from yesterday chronicled here.

Bloke Not In A Field

BBC reports statements out of context. It is illegal to claim you have any alternative cancer cure beyond the legislated chemo and radiotherapies…. David Noakes has no choice because of the Cancer Act 1939:

Without Ian we would be non the wiser.
The anonymous BBC reporter: “The BBC is the most respected news agency on the planet…”
Hilarious! You can’t make it up…. unless you are an anonymous BBC reporter of course!

Legal representation means you effectively play by their rules. The only way you can challenge the legality of the process is to present yourself in court as a litigant in person…. not easy, especially when your business is shut down, bank accounts are frozen and passports taken away.

GcMAF contains 1 billionth of 1 gram of a product that originates in blood plasma; a natural human protein.
Cancer manifests in the body all the time. It can develop because the immune system has been compromised and does not produce adequate GcMAF. Everyone has cancer within them, but the natural healing process deals with it in a healthy body.  Therefore, additional GcMAF can help a body with inadequate GcMAF.

Human product is commonly used
Human serum albumin is a substance from human blood. It’s a protein used to stabilise a vaccine and maintain its quality during storage.

The serum used in vaccines comes from screened blood donors, and the manufacturing process ensures that any risk of transmitting disease is eliminated.

Human serum albumin is used as a stabiliser in a chickenpox vaccine called Varilix.

David explained he was actually developing a synthetic version of this to avoid using actual blood plasma.

So, what’s it all about? The protection of the pharmaceutical cancer industry. Ian also suggests it a convenient way of eliminating people…. while the vast majority of people still believe the establishment has their best interests at heart. The reality is there ain’t no money in health.
Not a single case of serious negative effect has been reported or recorded by David Noakes’ process.

This has provided an opportunity to put GcMAF into the wider vocabulary.
Ian has developed his own unorthodox protocol to manage his own health issue.

Will Judge Nicholas Loraine-Smith succumb to pressure and request from CPS?

Ian suspects QC Gillian Jones has been holding back; does not want to risk association with shutting down effective cancer treatments…

David and Lorraine have managed 3 1/2 years of persecution. They had to take legal representation and play by court rules.
A packed public gallery has their cause.

Other stories besmirching David Noakes…

UK Man Guilty of Smuggling Drug Made with Human Blood
Published: Friday, 16 November 2018 16:52
Written by Lydia Osborne
An Englishman who tried to smuggle some US$322,000 worth of an unlicensed “wonder drug” containing human blood is facing jail time, Court News UK reported Wednesday.
Experts say there is no evidence to support claims that GcMAF is an effective cancer treatment. Brian Hall, a UK Independence Party branch chairman, was caught with nearly 597 vials of ‘GcMAF’ – a controversial drug said to cure cancer, HIV, multiple sclerosis, and autism – while attempting to board a ferry to northern France in 2015.
Hall claims he was seeking an alternative cancer treatment for his wife, Janice, who was diagnosed with stage three tonsil cancer in 2012, and that he did not know the drug was unauthorized.
He had obtained the drug from a secret laboratory in Cambridge that had been shut down one month prior for manufacturing the blood product without a license. Immuno Biotech Ltd, the firm responsible for producing GcMAF, reportedly sold the vials for 660 euros, according to BBC.
David Noakes, the drug’s creator, pleaded guilty earlier this year to charges of manufacturing a medicinal product without a license and of selling it without market authorisation.
Hall was scheduled to fly back to the UK on a private plane arranged by Noakes on the same day he was caught boarding the ferry.
“Following the destruction of Mr. Noakes’ GcMAF, he asked Mr. Hall to carry a quantity of medicine to France where he could distribute it more easily throughout Europe,” Southwark Crown Court Judge Nicholas Loraine-Smith said, according to Metro UK.
Hall and Noakes, along with Noakes’ wife and two Immuno Biotech scientists, will be sentenced next week.
“There has been nothing like this before on such a scale for a medicine which contains human plasma,” Lorraine-Smith said.
“This is a very unusual offence. I have to learn quite a lot about a lot of things before I come to decide what to do.”

Man tried smuggling ‘wonder drug’ made out of human blood into France from UK

Banned ‘wonder drug’ creator ‘risked patient safety to pocket millions from sale of outlawed medicine made from human blood as a cure for cancer, HIV, multiple sclerosis and autism’

GcMAF: Millions made from sale of ‘cancer cure’

GcMAF: David Noakes ‘no scientist’, court hears

Cancer ‘cure’ distributed in household flasks


Day 4 : HUMANITY vs Suppressed CANCER Cures


5pm update
Bloke Not In A Field

Grueling day all day for David.
Ian still senses  QC Gillian Jones did not have her foot fully on the gas…. good?
The video signal in the city is crap compared to the field Ian normally broadcasts from… we cannot comprehend ever word… but, Ian indicates the judge and the QC were sympathetic…
What was the true motivation of David Noakes and those working with him?
David wanted to help humanity, but the BBC and other news reports suggest otherwise.
Self gratification?
‘To live life high on the hog?’
The prosecution says 2011 – 2014 total revenue was approx. £10 million….
Ian thinks he case could roll into next week.
The prosecution tried to infer GcMAF has side effects… headaches, short term fever, glands in the neck swollen, a flush in the face, slight nausea, some abdominal pains for a couple f hours after administration, temporary inflammation, an enlarged spleen after 4 weeks of GcMAF, short term fatigue, pain in the neck and shoulders…
Compare these to pharmaceutical side effects!

GcMAF has been known about since 1994, perhaps earlier… but if it were acknowledged within he market, the chemo and radiation therapy may be no more.
The MHRA do not rack such information in the UK. Why?
This a matter of enormous public interest.

4pm UPDATE : Thurs 22nd NOV 2018



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