Are you normalizing the sick life of humanity in the 21st Century?

David Noakes and his ex-wife Lorraine sentencing hearing second day – prosecuted for organising the manufacture and distribution of GCMAF – an effective cancer treatment.  Prosecuting QC Jilly Jones trying to find out how much Lorraine really knew about GCMAF.  The accusations are claiming she moved house to get away from raids by the authorities.  Yet Lorraine had already decided to move house, well before the raids were taking place, the evidence shows.  The MHRA via the CPS are calling for a maximum custodial sentence.

Is GCMAF actually a medicine or a food supplement?  The MHRA want GCMAF to be so defined.  Yet it is a natural human blood product.  It occurs in nature and is not an artificial substance.  GCMAF is natural human product.

Big Pharma want to keep GCMAF off the market as it has been proven as an extremely effective cancer treatment.  It has been effective with pancreatic cancer, and many other conditions besides.  The establishment are not being honest.  The corporatocracy will do anything to protect their revenue streams, even send millions of humans to an early grave.  Their agents are salaried and have closed minds.  The judiciary and the barristers are simply there to make money and protect their earnings.  Health and wellbeing are very much secondary to money-making.

David Noakes and Lorraine, his former wife, need support in court and to know that people from all around the world are very much behind them.  Please come down to the Southward Crown Court room, if you can.  You will see things that will reinforce your worst suspicions about big Pharma.  How they will stop effective treatments coming to market.

More on Cuadrilla, which has stopped drilling at PNR due to so many (36) earthquakes which have occurred so far.  Fracking in Britain will be a dead duck.  The battle between Humanity and the Corporatocracy runs on – cancer cures, 5G.  Humanity has a horrendous battle to stop these technologies from killing us and reducing us to a slave race to the corporatocracy.


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