UKC: UK Column Receive A PESCY Letter

Italy are not playing economic budget ball with the €U and much time of this episode is spent on a letter received by the UK Column apparently trying to persuade them on their misunderstanding of €U UK military unification.

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Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today’s news update from the UK Column:

Published on 10 Oct 2018

START – IMF annual meeting in Bali: should we trust the banks…?
Global Financial Stability Report: ‘Large challenges…to prevent second great depression’
Failings in bank IT systems more likely to be failings within the bank than within IT
Financial collapse coming because it is being engineered…?
Italy sets budget targets – EU doesn’t like them…Italian bond market under attack
Same tactics being used by EU on Italy as used by EU previously on Greece
10:52 – US bio-weapons installation in Georgia – update
Georgia basically occupied by the US for many years
17:07 – British German Joint Vision: essential for counter-terrorism…
British deep state continues Operation Gladio
NATO Close Protection Unit: the X-Men or the new Blackwater…?
25:00 – UK Column receives mail from Euro-Atlantic Security Policy Unit
Letter full of lies, spin and deceit – letter is unsigned and anonymous
The Fusion Doctrine at the centre of EU military unification: Sovietisation
Parliamentarians, Civil Service removed from decision making: a Common Purpose
35:38 – BBC: Soviet propaganda machine – not independent, not working for people
BBC accepts huge sums of money from EU: BBC cannot be impartial
BBC Media Action: attempting to undermine Syria for years
39:11 – Independent Inquiry Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA): why it is a scam
40:53 – Christopher Steele: put on Vanity Fair’s influential people list…
Attribution (without evidence) now used as final arbiter of truth

Pre show chat box:
German govt to give states €6.85bn for migrant costs in 2019
United Kingdom Public Sector Net Debt to GDP
Brexiters like realism, remainers prefer impressionist art, study find

Show notes: these include links and comments made by UKC subscribers in the chat-box, particularly ‘workhouse’.
Should we trust the banks? No, we’re all screwed Brian!

The Financial System Is Stronger, but New Vulnerabilities Have Emerged in the Decade Since the Crisis

A second Great Depression if we don’t sort things out.

They continue to lie about Lehman Bros had a liquidity problem

Problems with obligations, not technical issues
Liquidity shortages?

Italy set budgets €U do not like

Current Italian telling €U to go to hell
Italian bonds under attack

The Italian Job – you’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off !

Bio-weapons Georgia


Diplomatic Viruses

GTEP: Georgia Train & Equip Programme

Joint Vision

Not NATO, but €U UK unification

NATO A Team? X Men?
Close Protection Team

VIP protection Unit
They are Non-Binary protection units…. Apparently.



The Fusion Doctrine!

Soviet Common Purpose Military Unification
Soviet as in zionist-bolshevism?

BBC Brexit is not independent!
Foreign funded BBC!

‘2 cheeks of the same butt’

IICSA do not need Melanie Shaw testimony

Vanity Fair Spooks…. Christopher Steele


Then, out of the blue…

Chat box comment: Victim said on Richie Allen Show he personally delivered Melanie testimony…. and rubbished this show, (week past Tuesday show)…

…. so I checked it out, and wow, I was bemused to say the least….

1 hour 20mins in… Richie Allen, while talking to Mickey Summers, says,
“… there’s a gang of pretend journalists hanging out on the south coast who just make stuff up as the go along, pathological liars…”
Summers pops in with, “… sounds something like ghoulish…”
Allen concurs, “… that’s the guy…. and you know 3-4 years ago, I did mention to the lady involved, not to be taking advise from people who know nothing about the law and to consult a solicitor when it comes to looking after your case an’ all of that…. she wasn’t tried in any secret court, it was in public, she had a hearing…. these goons on the south coast that play at being journalists, liars….


I’ve followed UK Column for several years and find their information and analysis exemplary; a damn sight better than the BBC or Richie Allen for that matter. I find these comments by Allen harsh to say the least. I guess I can count myself as one of the goons he refers to since I contribute artworks to UKC. For the record, a few years back, I sent cash to The People’s Voice established by David Icke for which Richie Allen presented. I stopped listening to The Richie Allen Show some time ago. I find he waffles and his knowledge and analysis falls way short of commentators at UKC. He has a tendency to call others racist all too easily for my tastes, but hey, each to their own. Funny how things turn out. I met Brian, Mike, Alex, Patrick, Ian R. Crane, Graham Downing… at AV9 and found them to be charming company and I applaud their work. I’ve followed live reports by Patrick, Vanessa Beeley and others from Syria while I was in Istanbul. I suggest Richie Allen could learn a thing or two about journalism from the UKC crew. I know he has been critical of Vanessa and Eva Bartlett. This outburst by Richie Allen is astonishing. I would have thought witnessing the hysterical criticism of his friend David Icke might have taught him to temper his comments. I’ve no idea what’s gone between UKC and Micky Summers, but to refer to Brian as he does seems misjudged to say the least.

I do follow Arsenal and am, therefore, an authentic Gooner goon!


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UKC: The Devil Made Us Do It!


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  1. Workhouse says:

    I do not listen to The Richie Allan Show but after reading your post on last nights UK Column, I listened (Mistakenly) to the 9th Oct Richie Allan show. This of course was not the show you were talking about but I forced myself to listen to nearly two hours of rubbish, with Allan constantly telling us what kind of guy he is. At one point he bemoans the fact that “were losing the capacity to talk to people who see the world a bit differently” The previous week however he calls the UKC “pathological liars” for seeing the world a bit differently from he does. I wonder if the penny has dropped on that one for him?

    • NPP says:

      I’m sticking with ‘pathological’ Brian, Mike & co…. and you keep those links coming! We can but be bemused at such critical voices.

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