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Extremism is being encouraged; Mike suggests to usher in a centrist government. He is sure there will be a 2nd €U Referendum. Who would back against Mike? His track record is better than most.

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Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today’s news update from the UK Column.

UK Column News – 29th October 2018

START – Budget day squeezed in before Brexit day
Has the die been cast for a ‘no deal’ Brexit and second referendum…?
02:54 – US faux mail ‘bomber’ – suspect packages look very…suspect
MainStream Media seizes on the opportunity to attack Trump supporters
MainStream Media then goes for another target: it’s the Russians…
21 Wire: Washington Post pushes Neo-McCarthyism – who is Craig Timberg…?
Pittsburgh shooting also being cynically used for political purposes
Hollywood celebrities jump on the bandwagon and join in…
BBC: a very deceptive headline on Israeli news
15:33 – The ‘far-right’ being talked-up across the world
British Social Services allowed rape gangs to grow – article is designed to enrage
All rape gangs need prosecuting…they are currently being used for political purposes
Nudging being used to push people towards extremes of politics
The Guardian: MI5 to take over in fight against rise of UK rightwing extremism
MainStream Media deliberately stoking tension and dividing people
Fusion Doctrine: the Cabinet Office pulling the strings of government is under attack: internet censorship continues apace
Conversations cannot occur in walled gardens…
28:17 – Alternative View 9.1 Democracy in Chains – 2 December, London
29:32 – Julian Lewis: we could end up with hostile countries owning our defence
L3 and Harris agree to merge, creating $33.5 billion military technology giant
Much of the consolidation is happening at the European level: MBDA
31:39 – Emergency Briefing: Defence and Security event – 3 November, Totnes
32:21 – NATO: extremely happy to be celebrating Turkish Independence Day
21 Wire article: Turkish ‘do or die moment’: snap elections could determine future
34:27 – NATO: non-proliferation – Russia’s ‘destabilising behaviour on our security’
Military Industrial Complex busy cashing in before the penny drops…
High level of tension has to be maintained by the West to continue MIC spending
37:45 – Brazil’s new President: Jair Bolsonaro wins election
40:45 – Khashoggi ‘bombshell’ – Britain ‘knew of kidnap plot…’
The source…? A ‘secret GCHQ intercept’
Skripal affair: secret sources – the same playbook…?
Still no real evidence to prove Khashoggi’s fate
MainStream Media and secret intelligence services – what is their real relationship…?


Pre show chat box:
5G lyric:

Sheffield, Make Your Own Video About 5G


Francis Egan’s Seismic Frackamatosis

Energy minister had private meeting with fracking firms in May

Show notes: these include links and comments made by UKC subscribers in the chat-box, particularly ‘workhouse’.
Budget Day

Setting the stage for 2nd referendum: Theresa’s deal or remain choice

US Bomber

MAGA Bomber!

It was the Russians!

Craig Timberg… propornot

Washington Post Issues Correction To “Fake News” Story

Washington Post Issues Correction To “Fake News” Story

Creative Writing…

Next event:

Anti-Trump is pro-Trump

Nationalist Globalist Soros = hate crime!/

At same time… Israel hit Palestinians

Rapist father?!

Crime is crime regardless of creed or colour

Extremism being fermented to enable and introduce centrist party

= Fusion Doctrine

I’ve posted TAP blog UKC posts on Gab for months. Uh oh.

Defence Intellectual Property Rights



Comments about Turkey were made…. personal comment: Turkey 29 October. One day this chap will be held in high regard again, no matter what certain academics….
…. and doubters today might say….

Brazil. Far right extremist wins?!

Express bombshell story on Khashoggi

same author as

Analyst casts doubt on Skripal poisoning communications picked up in Cyprus

HSBC did attend Saudi business conference

Mean while…


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