UKC: The Wee Flea Rebellion

Save The Children? UK government foreign policy? What could be Mordaunting than stage invasions or wee flea rebellions? Lost court transcripts rediscovered. Hate speech police accused of hate speech… another UKC episode that blows the BBC away.

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UK Column News – 19th October 2018
Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today’s news update from the UK Column:

START – Penny Mordaunt speaks at the Sexual Exploitation Conference 2018
Mordaunt directly challenged on the podium by former Save the Children employee
Charities and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) now work FOR government…
Local government employee checks to be improved – when will this apply to MPs…?
Independent Inquiry Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) – only some victims will be heard…
Anonymously signed Email reply from IICSA – a government cover-up in full view
IICSA looking at the bigger picture – keeps details & individuals hidden from public
IICSA to close down Westminster area abuse inquiry…?
Child abuse is the catalyst for blackmail of the British government
Home Office publishes report on modern slavery – a priority for the UK…
Human trafficking fueled by human suffering on an unimaginable scale
28:18 – ‘independent’ Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry: Robert Green still campaigning
New director Lady Smith – previous head resigned due to ‘government interference’
Transcript of Robert Green’s court case allegedly altered to remove details
Public witnesses in court corroborate Robert Green, not the judge
Grounds to doubt the Sherriff’s impartiality – no justice for Robert Green…?
40:15 – Alternative View 9.1 conference: Sunday 2 December, London
5G talk: Is 5G Safe…? 20 October, Bosham, West Sussex
41:00 – Matt Hancock: the tech revolution is coming to the NHS…
NHS news: 1 million work days lost due to stress…inappropriate bullying
44:08 – BBC: Police Scotland inspector in firearms sexism row
Differences between men and women is now ‘hate speech’
Dear haters, you’re going to hate this, but we’ve had enough. Yours, Scotland
Police Scotland under fire: hate speech campaign attacked for hate speech…
Government and Police are becoming a totalitarian control system

Pre show chat box:
Bloke In A Field:

Minister For Duck-Off & Die?!

Material to trigger the carbon cult…

The earth is a hydro-carbon generator!

US shale’s glory days are numbered
Educational standards in the UK are diabolical. When is a scouse not a scouse? When he’s a scousse.

Show notes: these include links and comments made by UKC subscribers in the chat-box, particularly ‘workhouse’.
Penny Mordaunting


Save The Children still under investigation… while investigating wrong doing

Brendan “Wandering Hands” Cox was at Save the Children, wasn’t he?

Save The Children helps foreign policy for the UK Govt.

Outrageous and concerning security breech?

Keith Vaz?!

Are inappropriate enough for election?


You will not be heard!

Melanie Shaw letter response…


Yours sincerely Mr or Mrs Anonymous….

“The chair is aware…”
There’s been so much child abuse we’ll summarise it in tables.

Conservative Child Abuse Cover Up



The same government lectures other nation states on how to behave


The cost of doing business. Slavery. Human Trafficking…

Persue! Prevent! Protect! Prepare!



İnvest £60 million = £4 billion profit sex trade

Robert Green & Lady Smith

Tape of hearing…. nothing to be concerned about. Not true.


“someone with your background” is a LYING EDIT for the words “how dare you, an Englishman” by Sheriff Principal Edward Farquhar Bowen.


You say verified. I say sanitised.

judicial baby wipes ?


Matt Handycock


Police Scotland anti-hate campaign


Police Scotland and the Scottish Government Reported for Hate Incident —



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