UKC: The Devil Made Us Do It!

Viruses funded by the taxpayer and potentially blamed upon the Russians or the Devil or any party other than those truly responsible.

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Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen are joined by Dilyana Gaytandzhieva for today’s news update from the UK Column:

Show notes: these include links and comments made by UKC subscribers in the chat-box, particularly ‘workhouse’.

Diplomatic mosquitoes

Diplomatic Viruses by Dilyana Gaytandzhieva with narration by Patrick Henningsen:

Georgia + 25 countries

Bio weapons

U.S. Military Program DARPA Research: “Insect Allies”

Tested on unwitting Georgian citizens
specific security clearance for US ‘scientists’
Walter Reed
it’s militarised insects

During World War II Japan “bombed” China with fleas infected with Bubonic plague

$160million for biological programme

Drone spreading white powder? Georgian village
outside international law

Porton Down connection…. just one of many Pentagon funded projects around the world

UNdiplomatic Viruses

Joint Vision

Stoltenberg (cake)

not military, but civilian preparedness exercise?

page from Tony Blair’s book
Bomb To Protect

Dayton Accords

The forced break-up of Yugoslavia…. by USA Germany etc

Pence on China

Denied election meddling until useful to reference it…

Meddling en vogue
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Fever

George Soros involved in Steele etc…

Global Mayors

English regions is €U policy

Geospacial Data

Blue Sky to help 5G

5G Utopia
full spectrum dominance

Failed MP employed by INEOS

No conflict of interest at all?!

Hot off holy wire…

The Devil makes us violate children!

You Can’t Blame Everything On The Devil… or can you?


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