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Trump talks about national interests while Theresa May seems stuck on globalism. Her Tory conference speech finished moments before the 1pm UK Column News began. Cancer? David Noakes? Syria chemical weapons? Lie. The Salisbuy Novichuckle sage? Lies. She accuses Corbyn of questioning UK intelligence. Perhaps most significant, Theresa May reiterated the people’s Vote has happened and they voted Brexit. Really Theresa, so what about €U-UK military unification? Is there a D-Notice on the €U elephant in the room? There is mention on a a Paper FCO 30/1048 from 1971 at the end of the show. These details do get mainstream attention, but apparently fleeting and hardly noticed, except by the UK Column. UKC present the response on the audacity of being questioned from Priti Patel: “How dare you come here ask us questions!”

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Brian Gerrish and MIke Robinson are joined by Mark Anderson and David Ellis for today’s news update from the UK Column:

START – UKC article: The Global Parliament of Mayors and Abolition of the Electorate
Global Parliament of Mayors Annual Summit – 21-23 October, Bristol
Central bank regulations have failed the Nation States not the Westphalian model…
Nation States have failed to regulate the central banking cartel
Mayors to prepare for global pandemic and to control ‘migration’…
Who elected these global mayors that wish to take control…?
08:18 – President Trump: America will choose independence over global domination
Treason May: World will be built upon foundations of…globalisation
Trump: US in the middle of manufacturing renaissance – unemployment 4m lower
Trump protects the US, May sells out the UK…
Liam Fox: I have been really busy…but no trade deals…?
Debt-based money system fails where debt-free money system will succeed
US policy shift is essential for monetary reform
26:17 – Media on Trial Part IV: 28 October, Liverpool
Ian Crane: Humanity vs Insanity & Fracking Nightmare – live tomorrow evening
27:20 – Brexit: EU military unification question comes up at Bruges Group meeting
British military not integrating with EU…it is being unified
UKC article: Imminent risk of EU control of British defence procurement, industry & training
Sunday Express: How Whitehall thought British public too stupid to vote on EU
Government deceived the public then and they deceive the public now…
Government appears delusional unless one understands the conspiracy across parties
Brexit MPs consider themselves beyond criticism…
British government has no accountability…mass public deception in evidence

Pre show chat box:
Bloke In A Field:

The Judiciary Bubble Of Civil Rights

UK University Bans Clapping Because It’s Not ‘Inclusive’
Soaring by $38,000 per second: US national debt now exceeds $21.5 trillion

Show notes: these include links and comments made by UKC subscribers in the chat-box, particularly ‘workhouse’.
Global Parliament of Mayors


Westphalia failed to regulate itself?!


Before Annual Summit 2018

They will ENSURE migration a force for good.

Mark: these egg heads….
Core Cities Programme
Global Parliament Of Mayors. Who elected them?!


Treason May

Trump focusing on productivity, manufacturing, farming…
Theresa May reaching no trade deals thus far…

Mike: there has to be a policy shift to address economic debt

Media On Trial 4

The Bruges Group Twitter…

Awkward €U-UK military unification question… MP’s go wobbly
Waffle and obfuscation
Last 40-50 years cut cut cut military funding

You were told Mr. Baker!

Collective silence. D-Notice on this subject? D-Notice On Defense?

FCO 30/1048. Sedition Treason May?

John Mills MP Lab told David Ellis this (€U unificaiton) is not important.

“How dare you come here and criticise us”
I’m Priti Can’tyoutell…
69 mins in…


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UKC: Sponsored Vaccines Censored Doubt

UKC: Sponsored Vaccines Censored Doubt


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