UKC: Mr. Ben & Thought Crime

Thoughts are being monitored and policed. Extremes continue to be highlighted, even promoted, to usher in the Fusion Doctrine. Your average person in the street has no idea. I suspect your average BBC presenter has no idea.

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Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s UK Column News.

UK Column News 31/10/18:
The Fusion Doctrine, extremism and hate: central to UK government policy.

Pre show chat box:
Franny Egan’s Myopic Fracking Reality
Bloke In A Field….

Franny Egan’s Myopic Fracking Reality

UK Begins Confiscating Wealth Without Criminal Charges
Shortly after this show, comes this:
Ry Dawson Vimeo Channel Taken Down:

Ry Dawson Vimeo Channel Taken Down

Show notes: these include links and comments made by UKC subscribers in the chat-box, particularly ‘workhouse’.
War. NATO war game

NATO is a defensive force?!

NATO is transparent!

Stoletnberg another arsehole who shows up in your country lecturing you. “We bombed you to save you”

“… this collective defence (Article 5) exercise portrays a threat from a fictional near-peer adversary on the north-eastern flank of the Alliance.”

Who is Ben Smith?

Unprejudiced analysis and research!

Fact checked


For informed decision making….



Full Fact!
Adults that cannot work it out for themselves

Full Fact Impartiality


Impartial donors

Malcolm Charmers govt adviser

Excellent sources e.g. Bell ‘n’ Cat

Ben’s research is sourced from newspapers so MP’s don’t have to read newspapers

Ineptitude of Westminster

Westminster researchers: We’re civil servants funded by the government

Pro-war breifing

Right-Wing Extremism

20.59% of all attacks by far right left righ tleft….

Attacks by Ideology
The ideology that saw the greatest increase in the number of attacks was the Far Right. In 2017, 20.59% of all attacks recorded in the West were perpetrated by assailants from that ideology.
Along with the rise in attacks from the Far Right, 2017 saw the same proportion of attacks coming from the Far Left, also representing 20.59% of attacks that year.

Islam white right left extremism
14 events!

Cartoon Car Cartoon Police

Every child should go through the care system for full state benefit!

Solution? Shut down free speeech

Collaborate and coordinate for safety against extremism

The UK Safest Place In The World Online

I Hate Crime!
Thought Is A Crime


Baroness Jat decides who will be heard…. not Melanie Shaw

Howeson case….



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UKC: Trial By Pearle Office Media

UKC: Trial By Pearle Oroffice Media


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