UKC: Molehills On My Lawn? Putin!

Theresa May blames Russia. It’s nonsense. They run a child abuse inquiry and ignore important witnesses. The social behourial engineering and manipulation that infects the UK is mind boggling; particularly because the public appear largely unaware, uninterested and apathy continues to permeate my community. Oh well, we can but carry on.

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It still sits in my memory of the week; I’m Priti ‘Can’tyoutell’ Patel: “How dare you come here ask us questions!”

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today’s news update from the UK Column:


Pre show chat box:
The reliable, dependable BBC: climate change aaahhhh!
Defensive bioweapon? DARPA wants insects to spread genetically modified viruses, to save crops:

Show notes: these include links and comments made by UKC subscribers in the chat-box, particularly ‘workhouse’.
It’s the Russians!

… even attacking themselves!?
Putin did it!

OPCW attacked by GRU

Rapid Response Mechanism in action…. coordinated attribution of hostile action
… without any evidence whatsoever!
A Common Narrative & Response: Putin!

Daily Mail have an extensive article on this today.

Indiscriminate and targeted

Molehills On My Lawn? Putin!

Andy Pryce does not exist and is not here!

Secret Squirrel Andy Pryce: hostile information operations

Washington, DC • October 2-3, 2018

UK Secret Govt & Behavioural Science

License to kill

A License To Break The Law

Is there a parallel?

New Book on Skripals:

Imagine if the BBC Were Honest

Kids writing letters of marriage to a man….

Aces and their consequences can be prevented?

The Science of Hope

David: “Among the most disturbing and ignorant articles I’ve read…”

Beechwood mentioned. Lead whistle blower not mentioned.

BBC mention Beechwood, not Melanie
İİCSA… nice quiet gentle easing the public down

Poor state of accommodation at HMP Styal of concern to IMB

Member – Volunteers needed on Independent Monitoring Boards (IMB) at HMP Styal


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UKC: Paper FCO 30/1048

UKC: Paper FCO 30/1048


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