UKC: Clearly Transfixed And Transfused

Vanessa Beeley has been listed among the NCTJ’s list of most respected journalists. Not bad for some one considered by some critics as not even worth the title of journalist. From the sublime to the ridiculous: ‘woman’ is now considered too gender binary a word and being changed to ‘womxn’ by some. Cultural Marxism creeping into the UK. Thank goodness for the UK Column because the BBC will never call this out for the invasion it represents. UKC propose there is a divide and rule policy being played out within UK society coming from deep within the government.
On a sadder note, the injunction against Cuadrilla has failed since this UKC broadcast; not one of ‘Workhouses’s more welcome links, but necessary none the less:
The challenge persists.

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Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, Vanessa Beeley and David Scott with today’s news update from the UK Column:

Show notes: these include links and comments made by UKC subscribers in the chat-box, particularly ‘workhouse’.
Most respected journalists….

Vanessa the Blogger included!

Vile propagandist for Assad!
Two names below Vanessa is Heidi Blake, who had her life threatened by writing too honestly in Buzzfeed about 14 MI6 deaths blamed on Russia

Sweida slaughter. Syria.
270 civilians massacred by ISIS

Meanwhile Children in Need spend a huge wedge on the Transexual agenda

US providing cover for ISIS



Jon Snow
Remember Nov 2016?

Jon Snow’s Moral High Ground
“Sorry Alison, your question does not compute — Yours, Snowbot”

Bowen BBC…

Syrian Army not Assad’s force. They are of the people, for the people

Fusion Doctrine

Since this UK Column features Jonathan VanAllenbelt-up, I thought I’d include a toon from the back catalogue:

UK Column has a growing Dutch viewership.

You’re right wing!

Is British Army BNP with Berets?

Muslim converts to Christianity and pays the price….

Tommy doesn’t understand?!

chat box: Clearly, he doesn’t understand – he’s a Zionist !

James O’Brien also confused?!

divide and conquer

Julia Middleton

Anticipatory regulation: a way forward for platform governance? – Jelena Dzakula

Minority Report Regulation

Clearly Confused

Skilled professional team behind the scenes at BBC… ha ha

Judge Nolan: “Democracy In Action!”


Clearly Transfixed and Transfused

Have a great weekxnd, xvxrybody! Don’t go listening to UK Colxmn or Vanessx Beelx.


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