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Putin and John Bon Zolton smiling across the table over arrows and olives….

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UK Column News 24th Oct 2018
EU Italy threat, Bolton meets Putin, Vanessa Beeley meets White Helmets

START – Italy: European Commission decides Italy’s draught budget must be revised
Italy has three weeks to come up with a new budget plan…
Is the Italian government an existential threat to the EU…?
02:55 – Russia: John Bolton meets President Putin
President Putin can’t resist a little humour…meeting is significantly positive
Presidents Trump and Putin to meet in Paris on November 11
07:56 – Syria: ISIS & Al-Nusra hiding in Syrian refugee camp within US zone
White helmets want to enter refugee camp to protect refugees…
Russia’s Lavrov: US has strategy to stay in Syria forever
Vanessa Beeley: update on Syrian situation – delicate negotiations ahead
Syrian children speak out about white helmets: they are militants with weapons…
White helmets also kidnapping people from Syrian homes
20:40 – 21 Wire article: Vanessa Beeley meets white helmets in Dara’a Al Balad
Israeli ‘white helmets’ evacuation was 50% Al Nusra terrorists
British policy on Syria coming from Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO)
26:12 – Oligarchs behind ‘humanitarian’ regime change now exploit Jo Cox’s death
US & Israeli billionaires influencing British politics from behind the scenes
28:53 – Alternative View 9.1 conference: Democracy in Chains – 2 December, London
UK Column Live: Humanity versus Insanity & Fracking Nightmare– Thursday 19:30
29:51 – Spotlight on HPV Vaccines event: 11 November, London
Hofschröer case update (Grandma B) – being treated worse than a murderer
33:10 – IICSA: Paddy Tipping giving evidence at inquiry
35:27 – Defence: Dutch king & queen visit UK to organise UK defence…?
Treason May: The Netherlands is one of our closest allies
EU military unification being deliberately cloaked as NATO…?
38:33 – British government desperate to keep EU military unification quiet…
The Times changes the text of a letter sent by senior retired military officers
Book recommendation – The EU: A Corporatist Racket by David Barnby
British government handing our military over to the EU without public consultation
43:22 – The UK Emergency Defence & Security Briefing: 3 November, Totnes

Pre show chat box:
Is The EARTH moving For YOU, Francis Egan?

Facebook’s NATO-Led Crackdown on Alternative Media ‘Only Just Starting’

Show notes: these include links and comments made by UKC subscribers in the chat-box, particularly ‘workhouse’.
Italy €U budget
3 weeks to change plan


Russia & John Bolton
eagles + olives 🙂


13 arrows 13 olives
positive meeting

“Looks like your eagle has already eaten all the olives; are the arrows all that is left?”

Whilte Helmets advertising to take care of refugees which is basically ISIS?

US building up presence in Syria
Illegal military presence!
Syria Iran US Russia?

I saw a comment about Khashoggi having written an article about how it is now time to carve up Syria. That’s karma for you.

they are making snuff films for the UK gov

White Helmet funding stopped since June?

Some White Helmet groups led by Al Nursa Front…

British funding!
Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Jo Cox Fund….

billionaire oligarch network

The Oligarchs Behind the “Humanitarian” Regime Change Network Push for UK Labour to Split

Inside the “Humanitarian” Regime-Change Network Exploiting Jo Cox’s Death

Hofschroer case….
No visitors! Must avoid benefits!


Netherlands warship to sail alongside UK flagship QE


€uropean Atlantic Group

Letter to Times…

People’s Vote = branding for 2nd Referendum

The EU: A Corporatist Racket


Security briefing….



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