The UK Has Been Invaded.

Last night I heard:
Any Questions? is 70! Jonathan Dumbleby presents a special anniversary debate from the House of Commons with a panel and audience aged 18-30….

The first question was how to combat man made climate change. There was not a single voice to challenge this myth. The panelists and audience all assume anthropological climate change is a given.
Then came mental health. Apparently, this is now of epidemic proportions and young people who believe anthropological climate change hook, line and sinker are pontificating on how to remedy wide spread mental health problems. Apparently the main answer is throw more government funding at it.
Brexit was discussed. There were a couple of voices proposing we accept the referendum result – how generous of them – but, generally Brexit is terrible and Leave voters basically xenophobic and racist.

These young people have been brainwashed to the point of stupid. My country has been invaded psychologically and gradually it is being done so physically…..

I’m technically Christian; I was baptised only because grandparents advised it would be a politic thing to do some decades ago. I wonder to what extent these isles have been corrupted by the Abrahamic belief system. On the other hand, was Jesus a real and true being of gnosis and or logos? I don’t know, but enjoy exploring the possibilities. I don’t care what you believe, just do not insist it upon me. It seems problems are often not e.g. white on black, but within the same cultural community.

I welcome differences. I do not want a homogeneous community whereby we are all the same. But, the current situation has gone way beyond reasonable mixing and integration. The UK has been invaded and I equate it with the Bolshevik revolution which from my understanding was not a civil domestic revolution, but a foreign led invasion just as has been tried upon Syria.

This following video is alarming. This is the UK. Muslim converts to Christianity and pays the price….
Is this a very rare case or wider spread?

He says it is not a religious problem, but a cultural one.
A Pakistani man converts. His cars and house are attacked. He was badly beaten in the street. There is CCTV footage. He appears to be in hiding. He was forced to vacate his Bradford home.

He has contributed to Channel 4 Dispatches Unholy War

Face to Face meeting with Archbishop Justin Welby useless.
Face to face meeting with Karen Bradley under Home Sec Theresa May.
London Mayor Sordik Khant is in power because of the block Muslim vote.
UK has changed over the last 20 years.

Islamic Apostate, Nissar Hussein interview


The video was posted within the UK Column live show chat box:

UKC: Clearly Transfixed And Transfused


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