The Nuances Of Geo Politics

Is Trump good, bad, bright, dull, a Zionist stooge or truly America first? Perhaps approach issues with a sense of nuance in mind.

Published on 26 Oct 2018
In Culture Wars magazine for November Dr. Jones reviewed the book “HOUSE OF TRUMP, HOUSE OF PUTIN” by Craig Unger. Using insights from this book he gave a talk in Bavaria, Germany touching largely on Donald Trump. Mike writes that this book: “is an indication that the publishing arm of the Deep State is as committed to Trump’s removal from office as the Special Prosecutor’s office in the Justice Department.” Unger writes: ” The United States would have at its helm a man who would leave the country all but defenseless, and otherwise inadvertently do the bidding of the Kremlin.” Mike responds: “As the word “inadvertently” indicates, Unger is master of the extravagant claim followed by the pulled punch.” Mike explains that the story “all revolves around the equivocal use of the term “Russian.” He continues: “Find “Russian” and replace it with “Jew” and suddenly you have a completely believable book.”…..”
As Matthew Johnson argued on the pages of Culture Wars nine years ago, “the entire ‘Russian mafia is Jewish, without exception, and they have used this to deflect criticism.” Johnson bases his claim on Red Mafiya, the book by Robert Friedman, who happens to be Jewish. Like Winston Churchill, Donald Trump went into serious debt and the Jews bailed him out and now he is beholden to them. Dr. Jones explains: “The crucial link, however, is not Donald Trump and his casinos; it is Jeffrey Sachs and the Harvard Institute for International Development.” Speaking in German he told the Germans in Bavaria last week about the biggest looting operation the world has ever seen and how Donald Trump was involved.

Israel: Trump and the “Russian” Mafia

If Catholic E. Michael Jones is new to you, here’s an earlier talk he gave. I’m not Catholic nor hold any particular belief system, but do find Jones amusing and his observations interesting…

E Michael Jones on Degenerate Modern Intellectuals


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