The Devil Over Plays His Hand

Trump. He is so entertaining. He hasn’t initiated a war yet; not like Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama or others before. But, we do wonder about his Zionist associations, don’t we?

Your Voice America with Anne Vandersteel. 3 interesting guests.
Firstly, a ‘millennial’ who says he was disengaged by left-right, then along came Trump…

Secondly, Anne Vandersteel is told by Mike ‘Thomas Paine’ Moore that the US government was hiding Osama bin Laden in Iran in 2007 in cahoots with Saudi Arabia. Some say he died in 2001 from ill health. The official story says he died in Pakistan 2011.

Bill Mitchell, who initiated Your Voice America, is big on the Christian-Israel thing, but does make a big play on the truth. In the chat box comments referenced 9/11, Israeli and Saudi connections…

Thirdly, retired police sergeant Nick Vessio who talks of Epstein, Weiner laptop, Bill Clinton with a 12 year old….

Bill Mitchell & co have been pretty accurate on Trump analysis. They are pretty conservative on discussing outlandish claims unless they feel confident on their sources. I o not share their Judaeo-Christian angle, but follow for the analysis on what Trump is doing and what he might do next.

By contrast, here’s Adam green discussing Trump, Alex Jones and the 3rd Temple theory. Bill Mitchell loves biblical quotes. He frequently says ‘The Devil over plays his hand…’
I’m wondering if Israel is doing just that.

Third Temple in Jerusalem: Zionists Using Trump, Alex Jones to Fulfill Bible Prophecy – Adam Green


Saudi are involved with Israel to such an extent, one can bring down the other. 9/11 for a start as noted here….

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