The British poisoned the Skripals.

The two ‘assassins’ arrived in Salisbury two hours after the Skripals left home, so it must have been the British that poisoned them.

The two Russians were sent to discuss Skripal’s return to Russia.

The British didn’t want the meeting to take place so they switched off the Skripals’ mobiles.

MI6 doesn’t like defectors that want to return home.


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  1. Gordon Logan says:

    The obvious fact that the Russians can’t have poisoned the Skripals has not been mentioned by any British newspaper or TV channel. This proves that the Tories have hamstrung the entire British media. Any talk of a ‘free press’ in this country is complete nonsense.

  2. jkick says:

    Thankfully, Gordon, people can turn to the internet to gain an alternative viewpoint to the scripted narrative put out by the MSM.

    For example…..

    Skripal case: Israeli expert on the work of the special agents

    “Alexander, so what, in your opinion, happened in Salisbury?”

    -There was a rough provocation by the British special services. In my opinion, this is obvious.

    – Why do you think so?

    “There’s a lot of stupidity on stupidity.” The story with Petrov and Boshirov does not hold up any professional peer review.

    “Why Britain needs this?”

    – This is a well-thought-out strategy of demonization and international isolation of Russia. In the UK, as in the rest of the Western world, everything works very simply. Most people do not read newspapers at all. And those who read, do not understand half. But everyone sees the headlines. Provocation with the Skripals is needed to exclude the Russian Federation from the Commission for Investigating the Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria. This is a minimum program.

    Full story….

  3. Mr Dude says:

    I heard an interesting angle that the Russians and Brits are in on this together! Putin wants all that Russian money being splurged around Mayfair to be repatriated to the motherland and spent in their own economy.

    Furthermore all the dodgy Russian money then gets returned to Russian government coffers.

    It would explain Abramovich not getting a visa recently and the current circus on both sides – as it has become.

    This is from a good source I know.

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