Stopping those winter colds.

Stopping those winter colds.

Sorry to intrude on your time again but I wanted to ask you please
what your own protocol is to beat the winter viruses? Last year I
invested in the RNA results range and followed exactly the number of
sprays but we all succumbed to colds, one after another.
I try to do everything holistically and naturally and we eat home
cooked from scratch with real ingredients, no processed foods ever. We
also never run off to doctors. We just had an early cold and I tried
the Lugols iodine protocol and extra echinacea but the lingering cold
ran on for almost 3 weeks. Do you have a system that works for your
family please?

Thank you for any tips you may offer and hoping your family are all
well. Best wishes.


we use Vitamin D6 and flavenoids.

The flavenoids either from Lamberts Immunoboost, or frozen berries from Aldi – redcurrant, black currants.

Use in yoghurt or on porridge etc.

Also get an infrared medical quality lamp usually two heads.  Just ten minutes on the back (they have emfs), and most chests will heal within 24 hours.

We used them on pigs in farming days.  It worked for them, and it works for humans too.

Also drink raw milk for Vitamin D from local farm


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  1. danceaway says:

    Kaloba Oral Drops; available from Nature’s Best; Ivy-Thyme drops by A. Vogel.

    • Tapestry says:

      They’ll help to make you feel better, dance away, cost you but not cure you. good for business. the lamp fixes you within 24 hours! very bad for business as colds are billions turnover for pharmaceutical corporations.

  2. Jackson says:

    I make a hot toddy with fresh lemon, manuka honey from Aldi and grated fresh ginger, top up with hot water. Excellent for sore throats, colds, chesty coughs etc.

  3. stevie k says:

    Had a stinker of a cold last week and couldn’t shift it, nose constantly running so decided to really dose up on Vit C & D. Took Liposomal Vit C & Liposomal Vit D from Ancient Purity (it’s made here in the UK & not in China) plus colloidal silver. Started feeling better the next day. Not cheap but l think it was worth it. No matter how well we try to live sometimes the stress of life really buggers up your immune system and you need a big boost.

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