Massive lock-on at PNR inside injunctive area

Paedophile protecting judge jails peaceful protesters.  16 months and 15 months.

Result is a lock-on since Monday at PNR in reaction to such an unjust jail sentence by a judge who lets pedocriminals walk free.

PNR Preston New Rd Lancashire.

Collapse in British legal system.

Justice has left the country.

Bring her home.

Join the obstructive campaign.  Outside the injunctive area of course……………………………….

IGAS has officially abandoned the PEDL south of Chester they drilled in 2014.  This area is no longer under threat.

Ellesmere Port is still under threat, north of Chester, also Misson Springs in North Nottinghamshire.

More court hearings to follow.

Judge yesterday decided to rubber stamp the order put in place by Mr Justice Morgan.




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