Lancashire Fracking? Paul DoubleCross!

Bloke In A Field, Pendle Hill, East Lancashire

Cuadrilla to frack, but it’s not over. previously started and had to shot down because of loss of control of the well
Ian says there are many in Westminster who also hope it goes wrong to stop national fracking.
Storm Calum delayed the start

Justice Michael Alan Supperstone gave go ahead last Thursday / Friday and stopped the injunction.
Got to get his salary increase 3 x national wage.

Acknowledge Judge Nolan did uphold justice at Newcastle

Remembrancer sits in parliament, Unelected. Only interest is the City of London
The Remembrancer is one of the City of London Corporation’s Chief Officers; the role dates back to 1571. His traditional role is as the channel of communications between the Lord Mayor and the City of London on the one hand and the Sovereign, Royal Household and Parliament on the other. The Remembrancer is also the City’s Ceremonial Officer and Chief of Protocol.

Since 2003, the Remembrancer has been Paul Double.[1] He joined the City of London from the Bar and earlier government service. His work in Parliament has centred on the legislation to implement the changes to the City’s electoral system.[

The City of London is the only part of Britain over which parliament has no authority. In one respect at least the Corporation acts as the superior body: it imposes on the House of Commons a figure called the remembrancer: an official lobbyist who sits behind the Speaker’s chair and ensures that, whatever our elected representatives might think, the City’s rights and privileges are protected.

Corporcracy: everyone outside the city is a human resource



4 Responses to “Lancashire Fracking? Paul DoubleCross!”

  1. Mr Dude says:

    Unbelievably biased and unbalanced reporting of this on BBC 6 Music today. I would expect it on Radio 4…

  2. Workhouse says:

    ‘Fracking Three’ freed as court of appeal declare original ruling ‘manifestly excessive’
    He told the courtroom that the original ruling handed down by Judge Robert Altham – an immediate custodial sentences of 16 months – was inappropriate, insisting a community order with conditions is the correct punishment for the three anti-fracking protesters.

    Lord Burnett said: “We have concluded that an immediate custodial sentence in the case of these appellants was manifestly excessive.

    “In our judgment the appropriate sentence which should have been imposed on September 26 was a community order with a significant requirement of unpaid work.

    “But these appellants have been in prison for six weeks. As a result, and only for that reason, we have concluded that the appropriate sentence now is a conditional discharge for two years.”

    • NPP says:

      I know, but look at these idiots with their 12 years to stop climate change banner….
      … oh dear. The information and messages are so confused.
      I heard one of them on BBC this evening bemoaning fossil fuel…. a term coined at an organic conference in 1892.
      Oh dear… it is not fossil! But, yes, we must stop fracking.
      What to do?

      • pete fairhurst says:

        Coordinated action by the local community seems to be the only realistic option. Sod the politicians they are mainly corporate lackies.

        Along with court action where ever possible. And hitting the mutherfrackers where it hurts most for scum like them – in their pockets.

        These were certainly some of the key elements of the success in Kirby Misperton in North Yorks it seems. Ineos and their bankster friends pulled the plug and left after their proposed frack site became a financial black hole.

        When people become educated about the threat to their local environment, and even their lives, then community action is almost certain. Power to the people!

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