Kanye Trump. Oval Office. Wow!

This might have been an important moment.

This is the earlier short version: Wow!
Scott Adams talks about Kanye and Trump

I recommend you take time for the longer version too…
CNN Write Off Pure Kanye Genius As Crazy Stuff
Kanye Gets Trump To Reconsider Stop & Frisk

Scott Adams talks about the Kanye meeting, 13th Amendment, and Turkey. With coffee:

Kanye and Trump discussed idea factories for Chicago.
Idea-tion Centres
“Why aren’t our cars designed better…”, like Kanye’s sport shoe wear?
Kanye and Einstein have the same opinion on the nature of time
Trump and Colin Kaepernick wearing MAGA caps at the Super Bowl

One of the most important meetings conceptualising a plan for inner city renewal and CNN report a circus, they saw a minstrel act according to Don lemon
It’s not about President Trump, it’s not about your opinion of me, it’s about me and I am not going to be limited by racism.
Kanye says abolish 13th amendment. The 13th amendment puts slavery into the constitution.
He’s moved your mind a new way
Kanye Moved My Mind

Pastor freed by Turkey. Trump wins again.
Trump was willing to take out the entire economy of a NATO ally for one Christian American

Trump message: Take an American, lose your economy. I’m gonna do something else…



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