Judge Nolan: “Democracy In Action!”

Bloke In A Field, Misson Springs, North Nottinghamshire, down the road from the Igas frack pad.

Yesterday successful at Newcastle Crown Court.

Gateshead Council wanted a permanent injunction on Mark Steele sharing evidence on the health impacts of 5G and LED street lights

Judge Nolan was balanced.
Packed public gallery.
Mark Steele’s evidence ‘rammed’ with published academic and scientific documentation.
Gateshead legal team attempted to dismiss evidence as pseudo science.

During a local park walk with Mark. Ian counted 1 seagull, 1 pigeon and 2 crows.
Where do the birds go?
Judge asked Gateshead Council to take concerns of local residents seriously.
He said this is “Democracy In Action!”
Public gallery exploded in spontaneous applause.

Nose bleeds.

Gateshead Council is first council to set up its own funeral service.
Increase in cancers and strokes in Gateshead area. Gateshead cashing in?

Gateshead Borough Council CEO Sheena Ramsey said she did not know the council’s strategic director Michael Alexander Barker’s signature was on the original application to injunct Mark Steele. Michael Alexander Barker is a director Regent Funeral Services. He was also a director of Gateshead Technology Limited, now dissolved, but registered at the address of Alcatel-Lucent Telecoms, Greenwich, London, a company involved with 5G roll outs…
Michael Alexander Barker is secretary of Northern IT Research, registered at Atos Services

Gateshead Borough Council CEO Sheena Ramsey, under oath, accused Mark Steele of an aggressive confrontation. Video evidence suggested otherwise…. she clearly had the wrong brain in.

Sheena Ramsey appointed CEO of Gateshead Borough Council in 2016….
Gateshead Council hire new Chief Executive to steer authority through ‘the tough years’

Previously paid £330K golden handshake as part of redundancy programme at Knowsley, Liverpool where she was on £195K.
Bumper pay-out For Former Council Boss:
Then MD of Worcester City Council £105K
Then Gateshead on £160K
Since 2015, £950K from public funds. Nice!
Keep the masses quiet!
Scandal at Worcester?
Hunch: a student of Julia Middleton’s Common Purpose?

Let’s hope Judge Supperstone in London will uphold application for injunction against cowboy outfit Cuadrilla.

Power Of Community Activism.

Israel has decided against 5G!

Community Activism vs Rampant Corporatism


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