Is France Still French?

Approx 65 million population. Approx 20-25 million immigrants. Wow. Is this true? C’est la vie….
Mean while on BBC R4 this morning MP James Brokenshire is rolling out UK hate crime law. Yep, welcome to snowflake UK 1984 where hate crime = thought crime = policing your thoughts. Being offended by words is surely a choice, isn’t it? Imposition upon physical sovereign being is unlawful regardless of creed, colour or gender, but this policy goes way beyond that:

With an increasing influx of different cultures and cıstoms, offense is going to be common place.

Why Is France No Longer French? – Daniel Conversano & Timothé Vorgenss:


Styx says the €U experiment is dead and it’s lingering on depends how much those who want it will cling. If the figures on France are accurate, the game has changed; France is no longer French, Germany not German and the UK seems to be increasingly Muslim. Go visit Aldgate East, London where the main mosque is and tell me traditional East London still exists. It doesn’t.

Large Protests in Germany Against AfD as Bavaria Abandons Centrism for AfD and Greens


Complain and you’re racist; xenophobic… but, reality is reality, isn’t it?
The Kalergi Plan & The Death of Europe


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