“I’m more of a black woman. I self identify…”

A voice the other end can be heard, “… a black man…”
To which Ryan replies, “No, I’m more of a black woman. I self identify…”

TAP, I don’t know the rest because I haven’t listened to the full 137 mins, but this opening scene cracked me up!

Ryan may rub some up the wrong way, but he sure puts a smile on my face… plus he makes such pertinent points e.g.
There was a terrible Synagogue shooting. Unlike the over 200 Palestinians shot since March by Israeli snipers, these 11 deaths will be reported by everyone all day. Jewish Lives actually Matter.


TAP, you know I’ve been an advocate of Trump; well, I still celebrate because he’s still not her! I welcome his tendency to challenge political correctness, though I also wonder if he is being used to help nurture polemic views and, thereby, usher into the UK a Tony Bliar centrist party and Fusion Doctrine as persistently warned about by UK Column:

TAP, you have been pushing the anti-fracking movement and I’ve been helping, but it’s the politically correct ‘cultural Marxism’ that gets my goat now a days. This image of Ryan with face paint kind of summed it all up. I hope others, open minded, of peaceful intent, fed up with the anti-Semitic virtue signalling of Margaret Hedgehog, Jonathan Sucks Sacks and the BBC; fed up with the slanted reporting by the likes of BBC John Soapytail and Dick Dobbyson; fed up with the endless pushing of multi-gender pronouns; fed up with the persistent fear mongering about colour and creed, will also smile at this opening salvo. I’m a human being and I happen to have a willy. If you have a pussycat, great! If you were born with a bit of both, well, that’s how God made you or Darwin evolved you or however you came to be and fabulous! Welcome! But, let’s consider, the synagogue shooting apparently interrupted the ceremony of baby boy genital mutilation. If a boy wants to remove the end of his penis, sure, it’s his penis, but let him decide as and when he is old enough. Not a 3rd part because it says so in a book. There is an on going crack down on social media because in a nutshell, talking truths is being labelled hate crime. It’s ridiculous. I’m no fan of the Catholic Church or organised religion, but hail the likes of E. Michael Jones at least speaking his mind. As Gilad Atzmon said on 21st Century Sunday Wire, if we prevent free speech, we risk nurturing extreme behaviour and further crazies shooting people….
Episode #254 – ‘American Gothic’ with guests Gilad Atzmon and more:

En plus, as I type, yet more bloody climate change fear mongering on BBC R4 Today. As UK Column’s Mike Robinson says, It’s not science. it’s consensus of opinion; a political ideal. Co2 is not a toxin, it enables plant life to grow.

Let’s grow up and take back our lives from these insane idiots running the BBC and in government.


Edit: 38 mins: Ryan says he’s due to interview Adam Green who just returned from Palestine…

1 hour 23 mins:
Divide and rule. The central fractional banking system do not want you to see who runs the central fractional banking system. So, they want encourage the blacks and whites to fight each other; they want gays and straights, men and women, everybody at each others throats. You gotta divide in order to rule. Split up sexual categories, orientation, your race, your ethnic group, your religion as per the Frankfurt School philosophy…


Meagan Kelly fired for blackface comment


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