Franny Egan’s Myopic Fracking Reality

Bloke In A Field….

Last 16 days or so…
15 Oct Cuadrilla commenced fracking…. mini frack
Blackpool experienced seismic activity ‘most probably’ due to Cuadrilla
Cuadrilla now at Preston New Road because Savage Chavinj gave the green light
Since 18 October 31 seismic events in Blackpool
Blackpool new earthquake capital of UK
Ineos, Igas etc across the Bowland shale must be wincing…..

Bowland Shale gas

…. wincing at the embarrassment of Francis Egan & Claire Intellectual Pygmy Perry’s 1984/Animal Farmesque agility to deny previous statements of public record, but to modify their observations and statements that seismic activity would be extremely rare.
1.1 on the scale is 700 x greater magnitude than 0.8 on the logarithmic Richter scale
So, Francis Egan is now pushing to have the limit lifted.
Traffic light system to shut down fracking at 0.5?!
…er, shut it down for 18 hours!
Now only 3.1 is worth worrying about apparently.
Francis Egan: “It’s OK, Blackpool Tower is still standing!”

Greg Clark political master stroke putting in a buffer: Claire Intellectual Pygmy Perry’s and Natasha Shale Gas Pays Me Commissioner Engel associated with Elbit Systems
Greg Clark may delegate the responsibility, but not the accountability

Francis Egan: “… it’s vibration, no more than a passing bus…”
Ian maintains property value will be reduced

Independent analysis of well integrity needed.
Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows this industry is not for the UK
4,000 wells across Bowland Shale?!

Jim Ratcliffe and Ineos, spend your money elsewhere!
Reservoir water levels low


CUADRILLA & Claire Perry MP … Turning FRACKING into FARCE!


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