Francis Egan’s Seismic Frackamatosis

Bloke In A Field….

Francis Egan you and Cuadrilla are what myxomatosis is to rabbits!
Intellectual pygmy Claire Perry, Francis’ choice pick
23 seismic events
Canada 4 people per square mile
England 400 people per square mile
Francis Egan will be paid £millions regardless
The government may try to raise the allowed seismic limits.
Ian’s had a punt: £50 on a 3.0 triggered by Cuadrilla before the year end




Edit: You can’t make this shit up! Thank you Michelle!


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Frackers Together In Bed Move The Earth


2 Responses to “Francis Egan’s Seismic Frackamatosis”

  1. Workhouse says:

    Largest earthquake so far since Caudrilla started fracking at 1.1
    Its beginning to look like a good idea to follow Ian Crane and have a bet on a 3.0 before the end of the year.

    • NPP says:

      Can you actually get a bet on this? I’m not a better. Although, I did put a £iver on Trump at 5-1 just because the BBC, CNN et al were so sure Hillary would win and I was watching a different story…. I also put a £iver on Corbyn at 25-1, because they said he didn’t stand a chance and I was watching he did have a good chance.

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