Frackers Together In Bed Move The Earth

Bloke In A Field:

5 of 6 recent seismic events in and around frack sites.
Almost inevitable once Francis Egan and Cuadrilla fire up fracking to full, there will be seismic activity.
Check for seismic reports…

Natasha Engel ex Labour MP, shale gas commissioner, new start up company:
Palace Yard Communications 42-44 Nottingham Road, Mansfield…
Natasha is very much in bed with Lord Polak, proprietor of TWC Communications with client Elbit Systems which supply white phosphorous and cluster bombs… company effectively responsible for death of Palestinians and Yemenis…
Natasha a hawk. 2011 voted for intervention in Libya.
Room temperature IQ in same range as Clair Perry.
Political whores to corporations.


Mark Steel found guilty, but explains why he took the action he did… Fracking Nightmare episode coming…
Sheena Ramsey committed perjury during Gateshead court hearing
Sheena Ramsey Common Purpose

Is The EARTH moving For YOU, Francis Egan?



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Ex MP Fracker For Hire!

Ex MP Fracker For Hire!


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