Ex MP Fracker For Hire!

Bloke In A Field: Over the weekend Francis Egan, intellectual pygmy Claire Perry & ambitious MP Greg Clark and failed Labour MP Natascha Engel must have been wrestling with how to proceed at Preston New Road because Cuadrilla have been gently pressurising the well to the point of initial fracture…. and triggered 5 minor seismic events!
It indicates full fracking will induce greater tremors.

Ian: Call it a hunch. Fire up those pumps! To the end! Give Francis Egan his termination bonus!

Ex Labour MP Natascha Engel pimped her way into TWC Associates:
Lord Polak of Hertsmere
Chairman of the Advisory Board
Lord Polak is Chairman of TWC Associates’ Advisory Board. He has been active in the Conservative Party for more than 30 years, during which he was the Director of Conservative Friends of Israel for some 25 years. Stuart is also a senior consultant to Jardine Lloyd Thompson and has also held a number of other non-executive positions in the commercial sector. He received his CBE in May 2015 and, in August 2015, was made a life peer….
… and Elbit Systems!
…. white phosphorus bombs away!

Brexit protest in London? What are they going to do? Just keep protesting until they get the result they want?

BGS. British Geological Survey await…

UK 5G test areas: increase in teen suicide, increase in depression, insomnia…
Will Sheffield Greens makes the connection between tree feeling and 5G… don’t hold your breath Ian, Greens still think Co2 is a toxin and humans a disease upon the earth.

Newcastle has been identified as having a bigger planned tree culling programme than Sheffield.
Network Rail to cull 9.8 million trees from track sides associated with 5G in 2020.

Quite possibly the most pathetic debate on FRACKING on LBC this morning … can’t believe I agreed to get out of bed at 7.00am to offer my tuppence worth!

CUADZILLA … Unleashing The BIG ONE!



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    TAP comment test. I think some blocking happening…

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    I’m still checking comments daily although not posting. am trying to finish my memoirs while bringing up 6 month old baby. no time available to blog. it”s great to see Ned holding the fort.

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