Britain’s top environmental law practice weighs in to stop fracking at PNR

181005 Helen Chuntso at PNR

Campaigner and researcher, Helen Chuntso, outside Cuadrilla’s shale gas site at Preston New Road, 5 October 2018. Photo: Bob Dennett

A  High Court judge has ruled that fracking should not take place at Cuadrilla’s shale gas site near Blackpool until a hearing next week.

Mrs Justice Farbey signed an interim injunction order for the Preston New Road site to last until the case comes to court, likely to be in London on Wednesday 10 October.

The order said:

Yesterday, Lytham anti-fracking campaigner Bob Dennett applied to the court for an emergency injunction and judicial review of emergency planning procedures at the site (DrillOrDrop report). He said he feared the authorities had failed to protect local people from emergencies at the site.

Speaking outside Preston New Road this morning, Mr Dennett, told DrillOrDrop:

Cuadrilla said yesterday it was aware of the injunction application and described it as a “last ditch attempt at delaying our efforts to find a new source of much-needed natural gas for the UK which is a national imperative.”

But Mr Dennett said today:

181004 Helen Chuntso and Bob Dennett slider

Bob Dennett and fellow campaigner, Helen Chuntso, outside Preston New Road on 4 October 2018.

This morning, Cuadrilla announced that fracking on the first horizontal well at the site would begin in a week. DrillOrDrop report

The company is taking some journalists on tours of the site today.

A statement by Cuadrilla this afternoon said:

Mr Dennett’s case has been brought against Lancashire County Council, the co-ordinator of the local resilience forum (LRF), which is responsible for emergency planning.

He is seeking a judicial review of what he says is the failure of the county council “properly to manage and regulate the environmental and health and safety risks to the local community arising from the shale gas fracking operations by Cuadrilla at the Preston New Road shale gas fracking site”.

Mr Dennett said there appeared to “no specific and robust plans for the evacuation of local residents, in particular children attending the 15 schools in the vicinity of the site.”

He said today:

The court order gives Cuadrilla, the county council and other regulators the opportunity to vary or discharge the order at 24 hours’ notice. Evidence to be put before the court must be submitted by Monday afternoon.

Liz Hutchins, director of campaigns at Friends of the Earth, said:


Breaking: Court blocks fracking at Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road site


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  1. NPP says:

    The Cuadrilla injunction was reported upon during last Friday’s BBC R4 PM at 5pm ‘news’ programme. Good.

    There was reference to an anti-fracking campaigner saying it was part of preventing climate change which made me sigh…. zzzzzzz, oh dear.

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