Bloke In A Field 05.10.2018: Cuadrilla Injunction

Bloke In A Field reports on an injunction initiaited by Helen Chuntso and Bob Dennett to stop Cuadrilla’s intent to use the method of fracking; the unconventional gas industry…

Campaigners seek emergency court injunction against fracking at Cuadrilla’s shale gas site

Ian R. Crane’s e-mail account has been hacked indicating he’s over a target. Cowboy outfit Third Energy appear to have retreated as any gold standard regulation is persistently shown to be absent.

Lancashire Fire Service pathetically refuse to share information for alleged national security reasons.

Civil protest is being flushed down the loo as Greg Clark and intellectual pygmy Claire Perry skate the rim of the toilet.

We are reminded that Judge Robert Altham deems peaceful protesting lorry surfers are on a par with category A paedophiles.

Oh this green and sacred Isle!

Time for GREG CLARKE MP to Shut Down FRACKING in the UK …

Documents have been presented to the Courts requesting that an INJUNCTION be served upon CUADRILLA to bring an IMMEDIATE HALT to their FRACKING Operation at Preston New Road, near Blackpool.
The Injunction Application is based upon the TOTAL LACK of any EMERGENCY RESPONSE or EVACUATION PLANS, in the event of a Major Wellsite Incident.


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