British Gas subsidiary heading for bankruptcy.

$557,000 was placed into an escrow account by Cuadrilla in case of catastrophe, as instructed by Greg Clark, Energy Minister, when he gave Cuadrilla permission to frack at Preston New Rd.  This was due to his having concerns as to Cuadrilla’s financial status when he have them this permission.  Cuadrilla is now reported as having burned through £60 million with no profits coming in as yet, and they are out of cash, as reported in The Times.  Cuadrilla is a subsidiary of Centrica which is a subsidiary of British Gas.  Despite being given permission to frack, no equipment has started arriving on the site at PNR.

Why not?

It seems possible, according to a ‘reputable source’ reporting to Ian Crane, that Cuadrilla has lost the integrity of the liner beneath the pad.  The liner is to seal the pad so that any rogue fluids will seep down to the liner from where they will head to tanks preventing contamination of the general area.  If the liner is compromised, any spill or surge of liquids would be catastrophic to the environment.  If the liner is not secure, the permission to frack should be withdrawn, yet Cuadrilla is keeping quiet about this topic (The liner).  As usual, once things start going wrong, the regulations are useless, as operators try to risk the environment despite the safety net being removed.

Cuadrilla has no annual revenue.  Who will keep finding this potential black hole.  Has Centrica the British Gas-owned company realised that Cuadrilla is simply a back hole losing more and more money?  This could affect British Gas, and that would affect the whole economy.  Where is the Energy Minister Greg Clark?  He should be removing his permission to frack at PNR by Cuadrilla (Preston New Rd).

US fracking industry is $200 billion in debt, and the US economy as a whole is being affected.

The world is awash with gas – gas from conventional sources that don’t need fracking.  Even conventional gas extraction can cause geological problems and massive property damage as in Groeningen, in Holland.

The Environment Agency is acting merely as a front to con the public into thinking there is some kind of protection of the public from coming catastrophic events.

Thorough investigation required urgently.

HORSE HILL CAMP – was evicted under Common Law.  Maybe the anti-fracking community should be doing the same thing and use the Common Law to fight back, as Common Law has respect from the environment in its traditions.


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