Will Evet Lvovich Liberman Take Responsibility and Resign ?

It is clear from the timely evidence presented by Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov today that the IDF led by Minster of Defence Avigdor Liberman born Evet Lvovich Liberman were entirely responsible for the deaths of 15 Russian airmen.

Regarding the irresponsible and aggressive activities of the IDF in Syria Liberman has since diplomatically stated…..

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said Sunday that Israel’s Syria policy remains unchanged, despite Moscow’s displeasure over the downing of a Russian spy plane during an Israeli air raid in that country last week, and implied that attacks against Iranian- and Hezbollah-affiliated targets would continue.

“We act with discretion and responsibility,” Liberman told Israel Radio in an interview. “Nothing has changed and nothing will change. This is our policy.


Liberman has previous experience as a night club bouncer and has been convicted of assaulting a child, it shows in his approach.

Given the embarrasment and shame this incident has brought upon the worlds most moral army the Israeli military surely the honourouble thing to do would be for Liberman to resign with a grovelling apology to Russia and his adopted home nation. One also imagines that cooler heads in the Israeli regime might also call for loose cannon Liberman to quit.

“Mad Dog” Liberman may also face some political blowback from his electoral base who are overwhelmingly Russian-speaking immigrants from the former Soviet Union.


Video Presentation – Russian MoD: Israel Violated Agreement With Russia to Prevent Incidents in Syria

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    Russian MoD: Israel Violated Agreement With Russia to Prevent Incidents in Syria


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