Why are more and more people dying younger?

In the UK death rates are rising by over 10% a year.  In the US births are significantly below deaths.  The people dying are across the age spectrum.

First child age is now above 30.  Populations are in danger of tumbling.

The planning behind these events seems not to include economic considerations.  It’s more like a cull of humanity.

HUMANITY vs INSANITY #107 : When 5G is rolled out in 2020, every UK town & city will be bombarded with a new mobile technology, based upon microwave battlefield interrogation technology, linked to the massive increase in Suicide & PTSD amongst military veterans!

5G will only increase death rates, and make having healthy babies less and less likely. (deformities to become frequent not occasional events).

5G was designed for the location of targets on the battlefield.  It exposes people to greatly increased levels of wireless radiation,

which is hazardous to all biology.  Soldiers returning from battlefields have brain injury leading to much higher rates of suicide.

Where 5G is tested as at Bristol, suicide rates spiked to much higher levels.

Microwave signals are causing massive effects, not reported to the public, also causing cancers.  Ex-soldiers and especially radar battalions have much higher rates of death subsequent to their service.

Full on exposure to radiation will be hugely detrimental to human health and is about to be rolled out nationally and worldwide in 2020.  This is a weapon.

Brain cancer, and cancers of the skull, are to become epidemic, evidence from Gateshead shows.


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