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As David Ellis says, where are our MP’s; where is our representation as €U-UK military unification is ever consolidated? Israel pops up…. as ever, a packed episode…


Published on 19 Sep 2018
Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Ellis with today’s news update from the UK Column:

START – Syria: Idlib conference in Tehran and second meeting in Sochi
Turkish FM: the borders of Idlib will be protected – terrorist groups will be removed
Idlib: a crucible of the truth
The west is sceptical – will do what they can to disrupt the deal…
Michael Fallon (failed minister for war): what did he say…?
F-35 caught in turkey shoot…British government breaking down
Global Warfare: the new paradigm
09:21 – USA: Trump directs ONI to publicly release all Russia investigation texts…
Democrats in panic: attempting to stop the release of information
Fusion GPS: Christopher Steele and MI6 to be implicated…?
All roads lead to the Skripal ‘poisoning’ case…
Trump’s trade war: wants to preserve key American industries
17:11 – Rightwing thinktanks unveil radical plan for US-UK Brexit trade deal
The Guardian presents more nonsense devoid of reality
Parliament should make just policies and just laws for the nation
Liam Fox destabilising government policy and procedures…?
22:30 – Spotlight on HPV Vaccines conference: 11 November, London
23:38 – NATO: Mogherini and Stoltenberg meet – details kept secret from the public
Military unification between EU military and NATO…?
British Major General Charlie Stickland stands to attention in front of EU flag
Brexit – no exit…UK military to be fully unified into EU military no public discussion
Veterans for Britain: Winston Churchill – ‘we are with them, but not of them’
Nothing being done in Cabinet to stop this despite the Brexit vote
Military cuts have been made across EU countries deliberately to create EU military
MP’s hypocrisy – support UK troops but sell off UK defence to the EU…
MP’s duplicity: can be easily seen and has been going on for many years
India launches second ballistic nuclear sub: produced with free British steel…?
Jaguar Land Rover cuts staff to a three-day week – Solihull to close…?
40:01 – Treason May speaks at pro-Israel event: Israel not a racist state
May vows to defeat ‘scourge of anti-semitism’ – British and Israeli security merged…
British people not questioning another state having so much political power…?
Who are the Conservative & Labour Friends of Israel…who do they work for…?
Public should en masse demand from their MPs to leave the EU


Pre show chat box:
Neil Sanders on Cambridge Analytica
Guinness was 17p a pint in 1971

Show notes: these include links and comments made by UKC subscribers in the chat-box, particularly ‘workhouse’.
İdlib terrorists were a threat so Russia-Turkey committed to fight extremists

David: watch the price of gold

Fascinating to watch angst build up in the West…


Trump to release classified material

Trump throws bombshell into Russia investigation, orders release of controversial surveillance documents and Comey texts

Panic in Washington

Crossing a red line? Off the charts….

‘Off the charts’: National-security experts sound the alarm after Trump moves to selectively declassify the Carter Page FISA application

Pablo Miller

Trump trade war…

Right-wing think tank Brexit deal?

Mike: British Guardian nonsense

David: where are the MP’s? Where is the people’s representation?
People or corporate interest?
Come back and do your job!

Spotlight on vaccinations

€U NATO meeting… what happened? We don’t know.
Secret meeting about military unification?
Mogherini – “ex” Communist. Stoltenberg – “ex” Communist. We know where this ends up folks

Unified Force, no longer her Majesty’s Services

Joint HQ at Northwood
Where’s the Union flag?
İmagine an €U flag on the Tower of London?

€U military unification agreed prior, during, after Brexit

Photos with the troops = kissing babies

Not Cuts. Unification Process

Solihul will close?

Theresa May at pro-Israel event
Stand up for values we share!

Who do our MP’s represent? UK or Israel?

We demand we leave the €U!

Treason In UK


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