UKC: To Disrupt Or Be Disrupted

Brexit? Another 1971 Black Arrow project to be cancelled? Defense Minister Gavin Williams acts…. badly.

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Published on 24 September 2018
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s news update from the UK Column:

START – UN General Assembly: world leaders and ‘change makers’ to meet…
Global Internet Forum for Counterterrorism or…internet censorship…?
UK government planning to set up a ‘regulator’ for the internet
Head of British anti-corruption told to halt investigation into Russian money laundering
Bill Browder: highest ranks of British government attempt to shut down investigation
Russian state investigations = good, Russian gangster investigations = bad…
Treason May condemned for ‘business as usual’ after Tories accept £100,000 ‘donation’
Owen Jones: Tory links to Russians and Saudis – where’s the outrage…?
09:45 – DID: protecting African children from exploitation
Modern slavery profit: £130 billion
12:27 – EU military unification: Britain being locked deeper and deeper into the EU
UK Column article from 2011: The Franco British Council
Franco British Council (a charity) set up at the time of Ted Heath
Who is funding the Franco British Council…?
Franco British Digital Conference 2016: disrupt or be disrupted…
Brexit but…no exit – Franco British Council meets again September 19th 2018
Second EU referendum on the cards…democracy destroyed…?
26:23 – Russian IL20 shootdown: Russian plane used as missile decoy…?
Daily Express: prepare for war…UK unveils military robots to destroy enemies…
Trial in Canada lasted three weeks – a sinister development, no Parliamentary debate
Gavin Williamson (minister of war) ramps up the threats…

Pre show chat box:
Corbyn: ‘bound by the democracy of conference’…
Never mind the democracy of the nation & Brexit vote eh.
Police are too busy intervening in social media rows to spend time investigating burglaries

Show notes: these include links and comments made by UKC subscribers in the chat-box, particularly ‘workhouse’.
UN General Assembly
115 leaders

Internet censorship

Buzzfeed exclusive!?
Internet regulation

John Benton told to stop Russian investigation

Bill Browder

Russian money laundering, gangsters

UKC agree with Owen Jones shock horror!

Child exploitation in Africa… never mind in the UK
Issue birth certificates

Penny Mordaunting complains… while UK profits from child trafficking

Franco British Council shared values and history… going for unity, operating together’s-military-capability

Mike: who decided we were going to do this?

Charity to focus on young leaders and defense
Funded by Foreign Commonwealth Office

Disrupt Or Be Disrupted

Franco-British Conference: Disrupt or be Disrupted – Speaker

Conference about British French defense:


Industrial cooperation


Pan European Political training

Russian plane shot down over İdlib.

Blame Israeli air force.

Advertorial for military robot fighters

Contested Urban Environment

Gavin in a school play
A Conversation with UK Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson CBE MP

To be or not to be a paper round defense prefect…
“To disrupt or be disrupted. That is the question… ready, willing and able to act when ever necessary… never under estimate my nation… as we have changed the world time and time and time again and we will change the world in the future…. we as a nation, always….. act.”

The Black Arrow. Cancelled 1971

Mike thinks we may be looking at our next Prime Minister. The trouble is, Mike’s predictions tend to be accurate. Bugger!


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